Hellenic Vibes combines smart technologies with VR

In the heart of Athens, Hellenic Vibes is a brand new five-star hotel that combines smart technologies and modern comforts with ancient Greek culture.

Located only a few steps from Monastiraki and Agia Irini Square, the Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel empowers its guests to enjoy their stay, explore the historical center of Athens, and plan their visits to museums and archaeological sites simply using their smartphones.

It all starts with an application

Guests can manage all services provided by the hotel and the room devices from a unique application that they can easily download on their smartphone.

Once they install the application, the hotel guests will receive an electronic key and access their rooms without visiting the hotel reception. The application turns their smartphones into wireless digital keys, and the guests can use it to easily unlock the door of their rooms, where there are special digital sensors. Then the guests can also check in and out using only their mobile phones.

Smart room services cover many options, from activating and selecting channels on the Smart TV and controlling the lighting and music to adjusting the curtains and room temperature.

Smart Rooms

Hotel guests can download the application and use it to direct book their rooms. The same application can then be used to chat live with the reception and submit any questions or requests to the hotel staff. Moreover, hotel guests can make room and housekeeping requests without talking to hotel staff simply by using their smartphones. Among other things, they can even request dry-cleaning services online within the application.

“Our mission is to improve sustainability awareness, reduce energy usage and be environmentally friendly,” the Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotels notes.

The hotel’s smart application can also make online restaurant reservations or request a drink in their rooms. Smart services for Hellenic Vibes’ guests also cover a smart wake-up service and the option to order a taxi online.

The smart mobile application enables the guests to be entertained and connected with the contemporary vibe of Athens, knowing everything that happens 24/7, all year round. The hotel has prepared a digital tour guide to help its guests learn more about the ancient Greek culture and heritage and decide what to do during their stay in Athens.

Hellenic Vibes – Virtual Tour

Guests can also experience staying in the Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel before visiting the hotel by using virtual reality technology.

On the hotel’s official website, there is a digital VR tool that allows the guests to browse through the hotel and even visit the rooms and feel the whole experience of the Hellenic Vibes.

When accessing the VR tool, guests receive a welcome note in the digital version of the hotel’s reception and an interactive menu where they can choose where they want to go within the VR world.

Guests can access the Hellenic Vibes’ virtual reality world using their desktop/mobile devices or any VR device for an even better experience.

The interactive menu enables guests to choose which specific room they want to visit or even make their online booking. The whole VR world has many gamification elements, making the VR tour a very enjoyable and entertaining experience for the guests.

Personal data policy

The Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel is in line with the GDPR when it comes to the process of collecting, storing, and using guests’ data. As the hotel highlights, “when you contact the hotel, we collect personal data for the room reservation or rental, either by phone call or by filling our electronic booking form. Additionally, to improve our hotel services and adapt them to your requirements, and to manage our communication after your stay, we collect and process additional communication data following your explicit consent”. The hotel collects and processes personal and invoicing data and booking details. Also, during guests’ stay, the hotel collects data such as incoming and outgoing calls through the hotel’s call center and information/images taken through CCTV operating lawfully.

As noted by the Hellenic Vibes, “we collect the aforementioned personal data directly from you during the room booking procedure, arrival, check out, payment, during the use of hotel services (restaurants, services, entertainment), participate in evaluation questionnaires, when you subscribe for the hotel newsletter, as well as when you submit any form of written or electronic registration, either in the context of the room rental agreement concluded between us, or when you express interest and provide your explicit consent).”

Once collected, guests’ and sensitive personal data are stored in computer systems that provide sufficient data security and privacy and are only used by authorized personnel to achieve the maximum possible protection of the data recorded in the modern digital environment. Moreover, as the hotel points out, the security and privacy of all data are strengthened by using organizational and technical security measures.

George Mavridis is a freelance journalist and writer based in Greece. His work primarily covers tech, innovation, social media, digital communication, and politics. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication. Also, he holds an MA in Media and Communication Studies from the Malmö University of Sweden and an MA in Digital Humanities from the Linnaeus University of Sweden.