Alessio Caprodossi

Alessio Caprodossi is a technology, sports, and lifestyle journalist. He navigates between three areas of expertise, telling stories, experiences, and innovations to understand how the world is shifting. You can follow him on Twitter (@alecap23) and Instagram (Alessio Caprodossi) to report projects and initiatives on startups, sustainability, digital nomads, and web3.

Five years of Alexa and big numbers seal the interaction between people and Amazon's smart speaker. To celebrate the anniversary, Amazon Italy organised a party meeting with the press at the Amazon Black Friday Fun House, a temporary shop opened for

Place of residence: Rome, Italy Position: Founder, CEO @SWITCH – Street WITCHer / Board Member and Partner at ADPM Drones, Co-founder BeLoud. Please describe a day in your life: Meet the Talent As a tech entrepreneur, my days vary significantly due to the ever-changing nature of

The last call for bargains in November is this Monday. As every year, the shopping rush peaks on Black Friday in the following days, when Cyber Monday is triggered. Born in 2005 as a marketing insight by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation

I have always wanted to visit China to see if and how true the many stereotypes spread in the West about the country and the Chinese are. I was able to do so thanks to Oppo, who invited me on

Why is the world's most important space agency launching a proprietary streaming service? One could start from here by commenting on the arrival of NASA+, the latest innovation from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which is increasingly focused on improving its

November is a crazy month for technology because it is the time of Black Friday. An initiative that originally dates back to the American Thanksgiving holiday, it has, over time, become the most important shopping time of the year. The popularity of the

The wearable will replace the smartphone. This concept, repeated for months before the official presentation, was enough to create uncommon hype for AI Pin, the mini-device made by Humane, which attaches to the wearer's jacket, shirt or sweater and collects data, faces and

Facebook and Instagram will be pay-as-you-go, only in Europe. This is not an obligation but a possibility, because the discriminating factor is the advertisements: those who pay will not see any ads, those who want to keep the free version

In an era in which smartphones have eroded the market and reduced the use of professional cameras, it rarely happens that a new camera is the symbol of a revolution. Such is the case with the Leica M11-P, the latest version of the German