Alessio Caprodossi

Alessio Caprodossi is a technology, sports, and lifestyle journalist. He navigates between three areas of expertise, telling stories, experiences, and innovations to understand how the world is shifting. You can follow him on Twitter (@alecap23) and Instagram (Alessio Caprodossi) to report projects and initiatives on startups, sustainability, digital nomads, and web3.

Twenty years of Gmail are many but also few. There are many because two decades in contemporary technology are almost equivalent to a geological era. They are also few because Google's email service seems like a trusted friend who knows

April is Stress Awareness Month, a date inaugurated in 1992 to make everyone aware of how important it is to manage stress in order to maintain mental and physical health. Over time, the sources of stress have changed, and for over a decade now, some

It is difficult to define Dyson 360 Vis Nav, the robot vacuum cleaning with which the British company has renewed its proposal for home cleaning alternatives to cordless vacuum cleaners. Unlike the latter, which over the years have proved to be

We tested it in an unusual and spectacular scenery at an altitude of 3,500 metres Oppo Reno 11F: Going high, indeed very high, to put the smartphone under stress and see how it reacts. With this in mind, Oppo took us

The next playlist you listen to on Spotify will be generated by artificial intelligence, which will act according to your requests. This will happen because the audio streaming giant has launched Playlist AI. This new feature allows users to get the sequence

'Block Telegram in Spain' was the request of the Iberian High Court, but the decision lasted little more than 48 hours, with the judge backtracking due to strong protests from app users. What happened describes a cross-section often repeated, with a messaging app

Celebrating the contribution of science and technology to the progress of society International Day of Human Space Flight: "From up here the Earth is beautiful, without borders or boundaries". Chronicles of the time recount that these were some of the words

It takes comedians months of study to imitate a famous person's speech, while it only takes Voice Engine 15 seconds to clone a person's voice. The difference is abysmal, but what is also surprising is the result guaranteed by the latest deep

It is time to change so as not to harm the youngest Working too much is bad for your health. It is usually a joke among friends, but work addiction (workaholics) is a serious problem for many people, sometimes unaware that