Organizations often lack a comprehensive understanding of the external and internal risks to their networks. Securing their attack surface is the number one priority for organizations over the next 12 months. While Internet scanning has drastically shifted how security professionals

Did you know that the average person has over 100 online accounts? From social media profiles to subscription services, we've accumulated a vast digital footprint that can be challenging to manage. Therefore, keeping tabs on these accounts is crucial for

By Stanley Widianto and Ananda Teresia JAKARTA (Reuters) - A cyber attacker compromised Indonesia's national data centre, disrupting immigration checks at airports, and asked for an $8 million ransom, the country's communications minister told Reuters on Monday. The attack disrupted several government

Again, Microsoft has a new feature for its users. The tech giant has introduced an innovative security feature called Passkey, which leverages cutting-edge passwordless authentication technology. By setting up your Passkey, you can bid farewell to the hassle of remembering

Top 5 free virus scanners: As we entrust our personal and professional lives to the convenience of technology, the threat of malicious software, or malware, becomes larger. Viruses, worms, Trojans, and ransomware can wreak our devices, compromising sensitive data, hijacking

Have you heard of OTP Bots making the headlines lately? If not, keep reading. OTP bot, an abbreviation for "one-time password bot," is a malicious program meticulously crafted to circumvent the security measures provided by OTP authentication systems. These bots

A big problem for the company and its customers A data breach in which the personal data of 560 million people was stolen. A huge reputational hit for Ticketmaster, a serious threat to the data owners that ended up in the

HackerOne, the leader in human-powered security, announced the launch of its first partner program, PartnerOne. APNT also joined as a part of this new, growing partner network. HackerOne launched the program to meet a growing demand for cybersecurity solutions that leverage the global ethical

As the Android market continues to expand rapidly, with over 2.9 million apps in the Google Play Store, robust mobile app security has become crucial. While the convenience and functionality of Android apps have revolutionised our lives, they have also