Antonino Caffo

Antonino Caffo has been involved in journalism, particularly technology, for fifteen years. He is interested in topics related to the world of IT security but also consumer electronics. Antonino writes for the most important Italian generalist and trade publications. You can see him, sometimes, on television explaining how technology works, which is not as trivial for everyone as it seems.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 will be announced at the Unpacked event on 26 July. Nothing official yet, but the rumours about an earlier date than in previous years are getting stronger and stronger. New confirmations are arriving from South Korea,

ChatGPT: The man who taught the machines to rewrite the world, according to the legend tailor-made for him by his dermatologist mother Connie Gibstine - and not by Artificial Intelligence - was a child prodigy who, at the age of

A project will convert the power of water into a large battery to provide electricity Have you ever been to the Canary Islands? Beautiful territory, paradisiacal views, and a perfect climate for thinking about nothing, especially work. But there is a

Larusmiani debuts Virtual Try-On technology together with partner Zyler Virtual Fitting Rooms in Milan: Larusmiani, one of Italy's most famous bespoke menswear shops, plans to revolutionize the consumer experience in its stores. Together with partner Zyler, the brand has launched an

At Google I/O 2023, the American giant unveiled the future of video games: Project GameFace. It is a PC program that allows users to control video games with facial expressions. The idea came about to help an avid gamer, Lance Carr,

Google Pixel Watch 2 is not far away Just like Samsung and Apple's wearable devices, Google is also planning to update the Pixel Watch annually. According to information that has emerged on the web in recent hours, the Mountain View company

All social networks want to jump on the Artificial Intelligence bandwagon: less than a week ago, for instance, TikTok experimented with AI, introducing avatars made by generative software. Now it is LinkedIn that implements an AI-based assistant which automatically sends resumes to

In the cinema with virtual reality. Everything is ready in Milan to inaugurate Italy's first cinema with VR. The novelty will land on 19 May at the Anteo in Piazza XXV Aprile, where "Anteo Rai Cinema Spazio Realtà Virtuale" will be opened,

The European Union has released the names of the 19 platforms affected by the application of the measure Align or prepare to leave the European market. The shadow of 'in or out' linked to the implementation of the Digital Services Act