Antonino Caffo

Antonino Caffo has been involved in journalism, particularly technology, for fifteen years. He is interested in topics related to the world of IT security but also consumer electronics. Antonino writes for the most important Italian generalist and trade publications. You can see him, sometimes, on television explaining how technology works, which is not as trivial for everyone as it seems.

Microsoft has published its annual report on “Environment and Sustainable Development” for 2022, analysing the environmental impact of its technologies based on artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The report shows how these innovations require high consumption of energy, water, and raw materials,

The astrophysics world has always fascinated human beings. The uncertainty of the future is something that excites the imagination, and so it is also for those who try to understand how the Universe could end. Over the years, many theories

2023 seemed to be the year in which the Metaverse would establish itself as the next communication channel, transporting us all into a digital world of infinite economic and social possibilities. Nonetheless, according to a recent study by the Boston

Place of residence: Milan Position: PR Manager at Samsung Italy Please describe a day in your life: It's not easy to describe a single day in my life because it doesn't exist as a typical day. I usually go to the office after dropping my

If there is something Google does better than others, it integrates all its products into a large and complete ecosystem. Apple has been doing it for years, but Big G is the only one that can count on practically every

Monika Schleier-Smith, a scientist at Stanford University in California, is working on an experimental setup to try to create Space-Time in the laboratory from nothing. Interviewed by New Scientist, Schleier-Smith said she was convinced that her research, linked to the so-called conjecture of the holographic principle, has

The pandemic crisis, and all that followed, has highlighted a central phenomenon for companies of all types and sizes: great resignation the tendency of workers to leave the workplace to focus on something else. It is not a passing phenomenon

The US embargo has pinned its wings on Huawei, especially in the smartphone sector, where it gave Apple and Samsung a hard time. Huawei Watch GT4 has been launched globally in two variants, which are distinguished by their design: a model with

Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for financial and human resources management, released a recent survey examining how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will impact the future of work. The study “Preparing to Power Up: EMEA