Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is a journalist and broadcaster of over 23 years. She also works in tech communications with ClearStory International. To date, she has written for and continues to contribute to The Business Post, The Irish Times, The Irish Daily Mail, The Sunday World, and, most importantly, European tech publication 4i Magazine. Rebecca also worked as a radio presenter for 13 years with leading Irish stations Q102 and FM104. Alongside balancing her PR and journalism work, Rebecca moderates events, WebSummit 2022 and Dublin Tech Summit being the most recent.

Place of residence: San Francisco, CA Position: CEO and Founder, Socket Please describe a day in your life: Mornings, for me, usually kick off with a quick team sync-up. The majority of my day revolves mostly around collaborating with our amazing team, talking to customers, and

Digital dog training has become the way of the future for many owners. It allows pet lovers to teach their furry friends to sit, lie down, roll over and give the paw all from the comfort of their own homes.  According

VPN for dummies: We’ve all heard the term ‘VPN’ being thrashed about in the tech world, but what exactly is it, and what do those letters stand for? VPN popularity has soared over the past few years due to increased security

Sleep tech: From wearables to white noise machines, to vibrating pillowcases to smart pyjama belts and apps, demand for Sleeptech has soared since COVID. Sleep tech devices are no longer just for monitoring disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy

If there’s one market that continues to boom, it’s wellbeing tech. From digital journalling, mood tracking, sleep analysis and even diet monitoring, technology has made it easier for us to remain connected to and better manage our inner selves. The

As Cybersecurity month continues, we turn to some women who are making their mark on the industry. Irish cybersecurity expert Jan O’Carroll is one of many females who has dived head-first into the cybersecurity world. Jan is one of the

Cybersecurity for dummies: As digitalisation takes over the world, effective cybersecurity systems are more important than ever to organisations. You may have heard the term cybersecurity being thrashed about, but do you really know what it is? To put it simply,

With Cybersecurity Awareness Month taking place this October, we decided to speak to an expert on the many data protection careers and roles cropping up worldwide. Research from IAPP shows an estimated 500,000 organizations have registered data protection officers across Europe under the GDPR.

Babbu: Edtech remains a booming sector, with recent figures suggesting the industry is set to grow to 397 billion euros by 2030. Technology has become the ultimate tool for learning and play and, today is being used to support communication, language,