There are several reasons why a company may be interested in using a VPN for all its employees' devices. The first reason is the steady increase in cyber threats targeting companies, aiming to exploit vulnerabilities to breach security systems and

IFA 2023: Next to the bathroom is the 2-in-1 washer and dryer; in the kitchen, the built-in oven and induction hob, a little further on the water purifier, while in another corner appears the Therma V air-water heat pump that

What is more important than one's health? Nothing, correct answer. It is, therefore, easy to stress how important it is to take out insurance when travelling abroad. From accidents to natural disasters, theft and flight cancellations, many variables can ruin

Smart Working: Google pays its employees and returns some money by giving them a place to sleep. This may sound like a strange initiative, but it is a service designed to make it easier for those who have to endure a

"Heart of Stone" is a science fiction story with references to contemporary society that highlights the importance of cybersecurity. This is the terrain of "Heart of Stone", an action movie that, in the minds of the scriptwriters and producers, should

Digital nomads continue to increase, especially in the United States. This is revealed by a number of studies but also by the evolution of facts, particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic that has spread remote working worldwide. Americans experienced digital nomadism

I do not think one should dialogue with those who deny climate change, but democracy dictates that one should respect everyone's opinion. At the same time, it is undeniable that something is changing about global warming, which accentuates natural disasters, putting our

Subscription services, advertising, and free TV content are two pivots for increasing turnover. LG is changing and abandoning its tech footprint to become a smart life solutions company. The announcement came from William Cho, CEO of the South Korean company, who outlined the

The aim is to accelerate the development of sustainable architecture A new district made entirely of wood to improve the city's air quality and the lives of its inhabitants, but also to accelerate the green transition of the real estate industry. Stockholm