AI TV Series: Partly because of its ability to transform processes in various industries and partly because of the marketing that accompanies it, GenAI is now everywhere. Beyond IT and digital companies, the broad fields of art, entertainment, music, and

Thanks to IBM's watsonx, Empoli Football Club will get ahead of the others in young talent For months now, generative artificial intelligence has been at the centre of the debate, and not just on the technological side, because of its ability

Musk's outrageous salary forces: Tesla shareholders voted in favour of Elon Musk's compensation package, which originally amounted to $56 billion. A monstrous figure that caused tension and complications inside and outside the company. The plan had been approved in 2018

Be careful what you put online because once something is on the Internet, it stays there forever. We were used to thinking before we put content on the net to avoid negative consequences in the future. In reality, however, not

I went to Mexico City to discover a competition that is based on the meeting of sports and streamers   Combining the world's most popular sport with digital, riding the social media wave. This is the brief summary of the Kings League, a

‘We will host the greenest European Football Championship in history,’ said German officials ahead of the continent's most important football event, scheduled from 14 June to 14 July 2024. A laudable intention, especially since football is a sport that consumes

The greenest edition of the Olympics shows the way, but there is much work to be done  Anticipate, Avoid, Reduce, Offset, and Mobilise. These five words sum up the spirit with which Paris 2024 is approaching the Olympic Games, scheduled from 26

With just over two months to go until the start of the Olympics 2024 in Paris, many questions surround Paris and the organisation of the world's most important and popular sporting event. With more than 16 million tourists expected to visit

Influencers in Indonesia: Hiring influencers to convince citizens of the merits of a project that will change the face of the country. This is what happened in Indonesia, where the government decided to rely on some popular creatives to support the