Companies are not properly protecting minors X announced that it would hire a hundred moderators, and a bitter smile came to my face. It is a step forward from the dismissal of the entire content moderation team, which took place just

It may be the consequences of inflation, armed conflicts in Europe and the ever-increasing tension gripping world geopolitics, but in the last 24 months, the cost of raw materials has soared. One of the sharpest increases has been in electricity,

The legal battle between the New York Times, OpenAI, and Microsoft could prove decisive in the future projection to delineate the boundaries within which companies can operate to train generative artificial intelligence software. The issue goes beyond the two challengers

Artificial intelligence seems to have no limits, and one demonstration of this is its ability to predict the date of a person's death. Said like that, it sounds shocking, but before coming to hasty judgments, we need to understand what

Ces 2024: This year's Consumer Electronics Show was the fair of artificial intelligence, as the hottest technology of the moment dominated the scene and captured the attention of visitors and industry insiders alike due to its ability to influence multiple sectors. Televisions,

The UK is considering whether and how to ban the use of social media by under-16s. The news was reported by Bloomberg, which explained how Rishi Sunak's government is reflecting on what to do, starting from the premise that we

It is not an exaggeration to say that artificial intelligence is a technology that can revolutionise many processes and change people's lifestyles and approach to work. This is proven by the pervasiveness with which AI systems and, in particular, GenAI tools have spread across

A perfect disaster. There are no other words to define Twitter's first year under Elon Musk's control, which has characterised the platform by the many changes it has made. First of all, the name change: goodbye Twitter and welcome X, the app for

Trading volume dropped from $17 billion to $466 million in nine months, from January to September 2022. Total auction turnover dropped from $232 million to $13 million, with turnover plummeting from $1.9 billion to just $205 million over twelve months.