Artificial Sun: In a groundbreaking leap forward for clean energy technology, scientists in South Korea have shattered previous records by successfully sustaining temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius for an unprecedented 48 seconds. This remarkable achievement, reported by CNN, represents a monumental

Bringing almonds, hazelnuts, creams, and other such products into space and contributing to research into feeding astronauts. A project launched by the Sicilian company Damiano has its production site in Torrenova in the province of Messina. The company, a leader in the

By Will Dunham (Reuters) - People greet each other in a variety of ways. They might say "hello," "guten tag," "hola," "konnichiwa" or "g'day." They might shake hands, bump fists, make a fist-and-palm gesture or press their hands together with a

NASA's Perseverance rover has made a significant discovery on Mars: It indicates that the planet's Jezero crater was once filled with water. This finding raises the exciting possibility that the rover may have uncovered evidence of fossilized life on Mars. Perseverance, accompanied

By Will Dunham (Reuters) - The various species of whales inhabiting Earth's oceans employ different types of vocalizations to communicate. Sperm whales, the largest of the toothed whales, communicate using bursts of clicking noises - called codas - sounding a bit

What if the Universe is a living organism that reproduces through black holes? The American physicist Lee Smolin proposed the irreverent hypothesis. His theory sees the cosmos as a single organism of which human beings are only a part. But

For those who've eagerly devoured "3 Body Problem," the latest series on Netflix from the creative minds behind Game of Thrones, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and True Blood writer Alexander Woo, a hunger for deeper understanding likely ensues. From the enigmatic concepts of

Resource optimization: NASA wants to seek creative proposals to bring Perseverance rover soil samples to Earth at a significantly lower price. The US Space Agency has now announced this, responding to fierce criticism of the current plans and their associated

By Alexandra Valencia QUITO (Reuters) - A team of researchers has discovered a potential breeding ground for smooth hammerhead sharks off an island in Ecuador's Galapagos archipelago, in what would be a "very rare" sighting, the national park said in a