At the launch of the new Galaxy S24s, Samsung confirmed the arrival of Galaxy AI, its artificial intelligence, on past phones such as the Galaxy S23. This will make it less necessary to spend thousands of euros every year to buy

The latest news from Apple marks a significant change in the alternative app store landscape for devices. The most surprising move is the compliance of iOS 17.4 with the DMA in Europe, a step that will allow developers to offer their apps

Just as politicians rarely keep what they promise before the election, so Elon Musk has deluded us for years about the possibility of living on Mars. After the proclamations and the plans, the billionaire preferred to buy himself a social

A few days ago, there was talk of Amazon's efforts to better integrate AI into its systems, from choosing the best size to summarizing user reviews; however, it seems that sellers have "beaten the clock" on Bezos' company, with a

After 2023, under the banner of artificial intelligence everywhere, it is time for smartphones. CES in Las Vegas sci showed how AI could be integrated into every object, especially those with processors. So here on the horizon is the new

What was there before the wheel, like the wheel? Nothing. And before the iPhone, similar to the iPhone? Very little. Was there anything similar to Threads before Threads? Yes, Twitter. This simple philological equation alone would be enough to close the

Are we sure it is worth leaving space activities in the hands of a few unstable billionaires? From Musk to Branson, private capital is taking the most important portion of the future market, the one that looks to Space. Cosmological research,

European Union rules on artificial intelligence are moving forward after reaching a "tentative" political agreement on the AI Act. As EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said, the law will help develop global standards, with the EU engaged internationally in

Huawei is preparing to come back to Europe. The company will debut the following year with its first factory in France dedicated to producing equipment for mobile phone networks. It is an investment on which not all governments in the