The 2024 European elections (Eu elections) represent a crucial moment for the European Union and could have a significant impact on the role of startups. European election parties and candidates could propose specific policies to support startups. This could include the allocation of

There is no doubt that Humane AI Pin is an intriguing and original product: it is small, you wear it, it integrates generative artificial intelligence and promises to replace the smartphone. On paper, however, because the first reviews are rather disappointing,

Generative AI, semiconductors, quantum computing, batteries, and space technologies are some of the technology trends that will dominate in 2024—starting with generative AI, which between 2022 and 2023 conquered the scene in the global public and entrepreneurial debate, fueling the

Huawei US ban: Ren Zhengfei's words from 2019, spoken in the midst of the US embargo on Huawei, resonate with a powerful truth today: 'We are a wounded animal, but we will come roaring back and dominate the world'. Huawei

Earth's rotation: Artificial Intelligence, or AI, stands as one of the most revolutionary advancements of the modern age, reshaping industries, societies, and the fabric of human existence. At its core, AI refers to the development of computer systems that can

In March 2022, near the height of the startup funding frenzy, Forbes estimates that 44 founders of unicorns - private companies valued at over $1 billion - had assets of around $190 billion. A year later, with the collapse of cryptocurrencies and the private

Meta lays the groundwork for the launch of the fediverse. The term refers to the possibility of different platforms, such as social, becoming more integrated by communicating with each other and allowing users with the same account to use them.

It is a golden period for those invested in Bitcoins. The world's best-known and most traded cryptocurrency is experiencing a new spring, setting records week by week, indeed hour by hour. The latest wall to collapse is the $70,000 mark:

Smartphone manufacturers: The latest news came from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Xiaomi brings its SU7, an electric vehicle. Not a white fly but the direct consequence of what the market has been hiding for some time: innovation inextricably