Mobile security is a tricky game. As hackers get smarter, the rest of us need to stay one step ahead. That's where Appdome comes in—a company at the cutting edge of mobile app protection. We recently sat down with Chris Roeckl,

AI personal data: Take a look around; AI is everywhere, bringing incredible opportunities that almost seem like magic. Artificial Intelligence lets machines think, learn, and make decisions just like us. Indeed, ChatGPT and other AI tools are making waves across

How much does it cost to go on holiday? That depends on where you book. It is no longer just a question of what or when you book because the location also makes a difference to the price. What seemed like

By Pratik Jain (Reuters) - Hospital operator Ascension reported disruptions to its clinical operations on Wednesday due to a suspected cybersecurity incident and advised business partners to temporarily disconnect from its systems. Earlier this year, UnitedHealth, the largest U.S. health insurer, had

Gold Pickaxe: As you all might already know it, our faces have become the new currency, granting us access to a vast array of conveniences and services. From unlocking our smartphones to authorizing financial transactions, facial recognition technology has become

Black Hat Asia 2024: The digital landscape is a battleground where hackers and cybersecurity experts constantly engage in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. One event stands out as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in this ever-evolving arena:

In the realm of cybersecurity, cross-cache attacks have emerged as an extremely popular technique for exploiting heap-based vulnerabilities. These attacks serve as the foundation for many well-known exploit methods, including Ret2dir and Ret2page. As Android strengthens its kernel mitigations, there is a

Next DLP (“Next”), a leader in data loss prevention and insider threat solutions, announced that their Reveal Platform is the first Insider Risk Management solution to automatically map detection events to MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defence’s (“Center”) expanded Insider Threat Knowledge

Uber scams: Planning to catch an Uber? It's a popular choice for getting around, but beware—there are pitfalls. Some drivers manipulate routes or claim unfair fees like those for cleaning. However, you can steer clear of these traps. By knowing