We tested it in an unusual and spectacular scenery at an altitude of 3,500 metres Oppo Reno 11F: Going high, indeed very high, to put the smartphone under stress and see how it reacts. With this in mind, Oppo took us

It has been rumoured for some time now that, like Vivo, Samsung will for the first time offer two foldable, folding smartphone models this year, and over the weekend, colleagues at Galaxy Club unveiled the model number of what will be the more

The mid-range smartphone segment is off to a great start this year. The new models have more powerful cameras, faster processors, and a design that finally breaks away from the monotony of the past, making it possible to try something

If there is one constant rule in consumer technology, it is that the second generation of a new product category is always better than the first. The second iPhone offered faster network connectivity and a GPS module, the second Galaxy

It might seem like a leap to say it today, but the Xiaomi 14 is a smartphone that, first and foremost, impresses with its handiness, so much so that it has been called the best compact phone on the market. Using this adjective

It does everything very well but lacks the spark that makes it special. It seems strange, but despite churning out first-class smartphones, impeccable in hardware and excellent in speed and responsiveness, OnePlus struggles to convince with its flagship model. While

A nostalgic journey with modern innovation: we are rewind cassette player review As a music enthusiast and a lover of vintage technology, I was thrilled to discover a particularly elegant and attractive cassette player designed by the company "we are rewind". Inspired by

Lenovo Legion Go: The sector of 'handled' devices, i.e. those that can be held with two hands, is beginning to be quite inflated. After Steam, many other brands have entered a market that caters mainly to gaming enthusiasts, but not

It is increasingly difficult to stand out in the crowded smartphone market. Beneath the industry's biggies, such as Apple and Samsung, are well-known brands with unique peculiarities in mobile technologies. Among them is Google, which has focused quite a bit