The Metaverse presents companies with a challenge: effectively position their products in a virtual Wild West of new consumer expectations — with no instruction manual and little room for error. Advertisers must constantly adapt to the latest trends to keep their

What is the Metaverse? The Metaverse is the future of the internet! At least for the proponents and tech enthusiasts on this planet. It is probably more of a video game if you ask the other group. Mark Zuckerberg announced

Late last year, Meta/Facebook announced the arrival of the Metaverse: the massive, immersive, shared, virtual reality. It could be the next evolution of entertainment, a new internet — or an enormous, very loud distraction. Whichever it turns out to be, Meta

The duel between Nike and Adidas returning to digital format Do not be surprised if in the next few months you or a friend of yours find yourself buying a pair of digital shoes. Yeah, you got that right, it is

Meta introduced the ‘Personal Boundary’ for Horizon Worlds and Venues Meta, Facebook's parent company, imposed security distances on the Metaverse following allegations of sexual abuse in the digital world. The social media giant introduced the so-called ‘personal boundary’ for Horizon Worlds and

Digital fashion is just one of many tech innovations to emerge over the course of the pandemic. Although unlikely to replace physical clothing, digitizing the world's top designers so that anyone, anywhere can experiment with their avatar's virtual wardrobe through

Seoul to become the first city to enter the metaverse - an they aim to do it by 2023 The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has recently announced its plan to become the first major city to join the metaverse. The project is

Andriani vs Metaverse I think this title suits my eagerness to learn more about the trend that is called Metaverse. I know that many people support it but at the same time lots of people are against it. For me is something

The major change that Mark Zuckerberg announced regarding Facebook and the platform, that it will now operate as Meta Platforms Inc. or Meta for short, has created a huge resonance in the tech community and now around the world. There are