To understand how unique a drinking whisky is, it is enough to know that it is called 'the water of life', and not only in the UK, where it was born and became a cult. It can come as no

The One Forest Summit (1-2 March 2023), co-led by France and Gabon, has pledged to protect forests and biodiversity from the damaging effects of climate change. The summit, which took place in Gabon's capital, Libreville, announced the ambitious Libreville Plan,

The world needs to be phasing out coal power quickly enough to achieve the Paris Agreement's target of a maximum of 2 degrees of warming. According to a new study by researchers from Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in creating a more sustainable and cost-effective method for producing hydrogen, a crucial component in the push for renewable energy sources. The current method is expensive and unsustainable Traditional methods of producing industrial hydrogen rely on

The “Circular Cultures” developed by the British Council in collaboration with Onassis Stegi Foundation aims to promote sustainable design and circularity, emphasizing how to spark a critical dialogue and develop the skills of creative leaders. The 5th edition of the program was presented during a

The IMPACT FESTIVAL, a project of neosfer GmbH, has opened its ticket shop and starts selling a limited contingent of discountedtickets. For those who want to be part of Europe's largest B2B event for sustainable transformation, business tickets are available

The EU taxonomy is a classification system designed to help companies and investors identify environmentally sustainable economic activities. We first covered the general concepts and the EU taxonomy itself here. The European Union created the taxonomy to support its commitment to

The beginning of solar geomechanics Solar geomechanics is the management of the amount of sunlight entering the atmosphere to control the warming of the earth's surface and thereby reduce global warming. In experimental models, geoengineering could reverse the effects of climate

As the world seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and would like to transition to a more sustainable energy future, hydrogen has emerged as a promising clean fuel. However, producing hydrogen through conventional methods involves significant carbon emissions and is