The world's most significant direct air capture (DAC) plant has been operating in Iceland. It is called Mammoth and was built by Climeworks, a Swiss startup that launched the first commercial DAC-based facility, Orca, on the same island in 2021. The significance of the

European citizens: The European Parliament approved the directive on the right to repair, which will be a first step for the EU to extend the life of products, reduce waste and promote a sustainable and circular economy. On a practical level, the passage

Earth: he alarming news that our planet faces detrimental challenges has been in the spotlight for many years. In 2023, the world reached the highest temperature on record, which was previously broken in 2016. Accompanying rising temperatures, countries around the globe have been experiencing

Young people do not know what WEEE is; they do not know that they are surrounded by it, nor do they know what to do when their beloved Electrical and Electronic Equipment stops working or becomes obsolete. These data are

Each year, on March 3, the United Nations observes World Wildlife Day (WWD) to honour the beauty and significance of wild animals and plants. It's a time to acknowledge their invaluable contributions to humanity and the environment. In 2024, WWD

The new year starts with a surprise in the electric car market, as Tesla is no longer the leading global manufacturer. It was overtaken by BYD (short for Build Your Dreams), the Chinese manufacturer that sold more battery-powered cars than anyone

Xiaomi has beaten everyone to the punch and unveiled SU7, which stands for Speed Ultra, the first electric car that will hit the market in the coming months. After the presentation in Beijing, however, we know many details about a model that

A sustainable shift in consumer culture In an era where consumerism often translates to a cycle of purchasing and discarding, the European Union (EU) has taken a bold step towards sustainability with its comprehensive 'Right to Repair' law. This groundbreaking legislation,

G7 leaders have endorsed International Guiding Principles on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a voluntary Code of Conduct for AI developers. The move complements the EU's ongoing efforts to establish legally binding rules through the EU AI Act. The European Commission welcomes the