In this interview, I had the opportunity to engage with Özgün İnceoğlu, the founder of MAP360, a sustainability management software. As we explored the origins of MAP360, Özgün provided valuable insights into the inspiration behind the platform. What made you decide

In our modern age, we are curators of an ever-growing digital expanse, yet the fragility of this intangible heritage is starkly evident. The Bit List 2023, a clarion call for the preservation of our digital culture and history, mirrors the esteemed International Union

Climate scenario analysis: It is scientifically undeniable that climate change is happening, and some countries and regions are already experiencing the impact, as in sudden temperature changes and other natural disasters.  To better prepare for climate change and its risks on

Dodo: In a world where the line between fantasy and reality grows fainter, revolutionary breakthroughs in biotechnology are unlocking marvels once relegated to the realms of cinematic wonder. Think Jurassic Park was just a silver-screen spectacle? Think again. We're on the brink

In a brilliant display along the Seine River in Paris, New Zealand-based company Manta 5 showcased their latest innovation, the Hydrafoiler SL3, during France's premier tech event, VivaTech, in the summer of this year. This unconventional water e-bike offers a sustainable alternative for water

Current Trends and Sustainable Initiatives The concept of the Blue Economy has been making waves globally, with nations recognizing the immense potential of their marine resources and coastal ecosystems. This economic paradigm shift emphasizes the responsible utilization of oceans, seas, and

A new revelation might reshape the trajectory of renewable energy deployment: Cornell Engineering researchers have unearthed a prospect within the United States' surplus green power. This potential, harboured in underused solar, wind, and hydroelectric reserves, stands on the brink of

In the bustling streets of Barcelona, the echoes of vibrant conversations mix with the tantalizing aromas of paella wafting from nearby restaurants. The energy is palpable as tourists and locals embrace the Spanish way of life. Spain, often dubbed the

EuroAsia Interconnector: Israel, Greece, and Cyprus' leaders have committed to strengthening their collaboration in the energy sector, examining methods to transport East Mediterranean natural gas to Europe, and linking their electrical grids. Over the last decade, significant natural gas reserves have been found