Andriani Loizidou

Andriani has been working in Publishing Industry since 2010. She has worked in major Publishing Houses in UK and Greece, such as Cambridge University Press and ProQuest. She gained experience in different departments in Publishing, including editing, sales, marketing, research and book launch (event planning). She started as Social Media Manager in 4i magazine, but very quickly became the Editor in Chief. At the moment, she lives in Greece, where she is mentoring women with job and education matters; and she is the mother of 3 boys.

Metomic is a company that focuses on data privacy and compliance solutions. Their platform is designed to help businesses manage and control their data through privacy regulations and user preferences. Metomic offers tools to simplify the implementation of privacy features,

Place of residence: Perth, Western Australia  Position: Founder of Western Australia Spaceport (WA Spaceport) and Azimuth  Please describe a day in your life I could start by listing out tasks such as checking my emails, talking with my Co-founder, reading newspapers, attending meetings,

During my visit to Black Hat Europe 2023, I met Bastien Bobe, who is in charge of the technical strategy of the EMEA region. He is also a speaker leading the technical parts of the products. He also works with the

During my time in Black Hat Europe 2023, I met Shridhar Mittal, the CEO of Zimperium, and we discussed what the company does, what to expect in the future and much more insightful information regarding mobile app security. Protecting mobile

During my visit to Black Hat Europe 2023, I had the chance to meet Éric Leblond, the co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer and Mark Durrett, the Chief Marketing Officer. We discussed about Stamus Networks and how the company is

CloudVA: Side-channel attacks represent one of the most formidable entry barriers in the realm of information security, delving into the analog aspects of computing and necessitating specialized hardware and advanced mathematical models. During his presentation Witold Waligóra, in Black Hat Europe

Dear 4i Magazine Readers, We are excited to welcome you to the world of 2024, a year that promises to be a technological marvel filled with innovations that will redefine how we live, work, and play. Join us as we

Place of residence: Netherlands Position: CEO and Founder of Cosmic Girls Foundation and CEO of Inner Space Training Please describe a day in your life Cosmic Girls Foundation is a new charity to upskill girls all over the world to become astronauts by offering

Mark Castaneda: Embarking on a journey of self-improvement, some individuals courageously choose to turn their lives for the better. Fueled by a profound desire for personal growth and positive transformation, these individuals confront challenges head-on, determined to break free from