ChatGPT, Deepfakes, and more sophisticated phishing scams are the biggest dangers for companies, which must learn to master AI to defeat it.  With ChatGPT4, the world has discovered the potential of generative artificial intelligence, a technology destined to change the tech sector and

Meet the Head of Application Security at Emarsys in Hungary, SAP's customer engagement platform. István Szénási is responsible for the secure development and operation of their SaaS product; he brings expertise in vulnerability management, incident response, and security awareness. Additionally, he advises

A Security Operations Center (SOC) manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of a SOC. The SOC is an organization's dedicated team or department that monitors, detects, analyzes, and responds to cybersecurity incidents and threats. The SOC manager

Secondhand marketplace: In South Korea, obtaining a used item through online platforms has been popular for the past few years but gained even bigger momentum since the pandemic. According to Job Korea's survey in 2021, more than 75 per cent of consumers

Cybersecurity working day: I was sent to Padua to attend 'Reaction - A day to face the rapidly evolving challenges of cybersecurity', a conference dedicated to cybersecurity companies. Usually, I attend these types of events to report on them in an article

VPN for dummies: We’ve all heard the term ‘VPN’ being thrashed about in the tech world, but what exactly is it, and what do those letters stand for? VPN popularity has soared over the past few years due to increased security

IaC: Infrastructure is one of the fundamental principles of a software development process: it is directly responsible for the stable operation of an application. This infrastructure can range from servers, load-balancing systems, firewalls and databases to complex container clusters. Infrastructure considerations

Cryptocurrencies: Cyber attacks, once mere theoretical possibilities, have now become a grave threat to modern society. While ransomware attacks have become commonplace, some recent high-profile incidents have thrust them into the limelight. Ransomware payments 4imag journalists are constantly working on showing you

The speed at which big or small businesses encounter data breaches is alarming. In 2023, many high-profile companies have fallen victim to hacking. Recent major cyberattacks have affected healthcare, finance, retail, government, manufacturing, and energy industries, and this is clear evidence