Sunny Um

Sunny Um is a Seoul-based journalist working with 4i Magazine. She writes and talks about policies, business updates, and social issues around the Korean tech industry. She is best known for in-depth explanations of local issues for readers who need a better understanding of the Korean context. Sunny’s works appeared in prominent Korean news outlets, such as the Korea Times and Wired Korea. She currently makes regular writing contributions to newsrooms worldwide, such as Maritime Fairtrade, a non-profit media organization based in Singapore. She also works as a content strategist at 1021 Creative. A person who holds a Master’s degree in Political Economy from King’s College London, she loves to follow up on news of Korean politics and economy when she’s not writing.

Tech elderly: Owing to the development of science and technology, the world has experienced many transitions. One of the biggest changes is population ageing, associated with longer life expectancy. The United Nations' 2023 report predicts that the number of people over 65 years old will double

The World AI Show, South Korea’s biggest annual information and communications technology exhibition since 2008, finished this year’s three-day event in mid-April 2024. Participated by 445 exhibitors from 10 countries and hosted by the Science Ministry of Korea, this year’s exhibition theme was

Women in tech: International Girls in ICT Day is annually celebrated on the last Thursday of April. The day is to encourage women to pursue careers in the  information and communications technology (ICT) industry and find their potential in subjects like science, engineering, and mathematics.  It is also

Earth: he alarming news that our planet faces detrimental challenges has been in the spotlight for many years. In 2023, the world reached the highest temperature on record, which was previously broken in 2016. Accompanying rising temperatures, countries around the globe have been experiencing

DIVE XR's dream to help digitally isolated people DIVE XR is a visual tech start-up founded in 2021, represented by its flagship metaverse game "Table Party", currently available on Meta and PICO. The company's founding members are university friends who were part of the same

It was a warm day in September 2023. Sipping coffee at my office desk, I was scrolling through the recommended videos on YouTube to find a video I could watch during my short break. That’s when I found PLAVE performing

The biggest factory automation trade show in South Korea was held from 27 to 29 March 2024, having over 60,000 visitors, the highest number on its record. Smart Factory + Automation World 2024 (AW 2024) is the first of its kind convention

For the first time in 22 years, Japan successfully launched the next-generation rocket on February 17. The rocket inserted two satellites into orbit, overcoming the country’s failed launch attempt from a year ago. The launch of the 57-metre, 422-tonne rocket took place at

Microsoft-backed start-up OpenAI unveiled its text-to-video generative tool Sora on 16 February 2024. People's interest in learning more about the artificial intelligence-assisted video creator hit an all-time high in 12 months after the teaser release, according to Google Trends. Although the tool is not