Sunny Um

Sunny Um is a Seoul-based journalist working with 4i Magazine. She writes and talks about policies, business updates, and social issues around the Korean tech industry. She is best known for in-depth explanations of local issues for readers who need a better understanding of the Korean context. Sunny’s works appeared in prominent Korean news outlets, such as the Korea Times and Wired Korea. She currently makes regular writing contributions to newsrooms worldwide, such as Maritime Fairtrade, a non-profit media organization based in Singapore. She also works as a content strategist at 1021 Creative. A person who holds a Master’s degree in Political Economy from King’s College London, she loves to follow up on news of Korean politics and economy when she’s not writing.

Interview: Cho Sung-woo, Country Manager at Nord Security Soaring through its global competitors, NordVPN has become one of the biggest virtual private network providers across the world. NordVPN operates over 5,500 servers in 59 countries, with a massive user base of

We know that Thanksgiving Day is near us when we start to see promos for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are still undecided about which gifts to give to your loved ones on November 24, here we provide

Beauty Tech in Asia: From artificial intelligence to metaverse, emerging technologies are making tides in the beauty industry in Asia. The companies are stepping up their games to introduce innovative ways to keep their customers happy and help them achieve

Wearable devices are more spotted often around us than before, and so are e-textiles. E-textiles, or electronic textiles, are fabrics that have electronic components, for example, batteries or controllers embedded. Different from smart textiles, general fabrics applied with new technologies,

Climate scenario analysis: It is scientifically undeniable that climate change is happening, and some countries and regions are already experiencing the impact, as in sudden temperature changes and other natural disasters.  To better prepare for climate change and its risks on

Esports, which stands for Electronic Sports, refers to competing in video games, including players, leagues, and contests. Different from recreational players, seizing a victory in a game is a career for many professional esports athletes. Largely popular games like League

Secondhand marketplace: In South Korea, obtaining a used item through online platforms has been popular for the past few years but gained even bigger momentum since the pandemic. According to Job Korea's survey in 2021, more than 75 per cent of consumers

Asia VPN: Virtual private networks, VPNs for short, are methods that make secure connections between servers and devices. Since its introduction in the United States a couple of decades ago, the market has expanded to other regions, such as Asia. According

A joint concert of virtual and human artists took place for the first time in South Korea.  Isegye Festival: Virtual reality has become an unavoidable wave in Korean pop culture, spearheaded by virtual idol bands like “Isegye Idol” in the last