Posidonia 2024: pioneering sustainability and innovation

The Posidonia 2024 conference, held from June 3-7 at the Metropolitan Expo in Athens, Greece, was an influential gathering for the global maritime industry. This biennial event, celebrated for its extensive participation and comprehensive conference program, saw many attendees and exhibitors, reflecting the increasing importance of maritime innovation and sustainability.

Key highlights and participants

International participation

Posidonia 2024 attracted exhibitors and visitors from around the globe, underscoring its status as a premier event in the maritime calendar. Notably, there was a significant return of companies from China, with 180 participants, marking an almost 50% increase from previous years​. The event also featured national pavilions from the UK, Japan, South Korea, and Poland, highlighting their maritime industries’ advancements and collaborations.

Key events and seminars

The conference program included numerous seminars and forums addressing pivotal topics in the maritime sector:

Challenges by Japan: Organized by the Japan Ship Exporters’ Association, this seminar focused on greenhouse gas reduction measures and alternative fuels as part of the industry’s decarbonization efforts​

4th Trading in U.S. Waters Seminar: This seminar, organized by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and other US maritime organizations, explored geopolitical developments and future trends in maritime innovation, including digitalization and decarbonization​

4th Korean-Hellenic Maritime Cooperation Forum: Hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, this forum facilitated discussions on maritime policies and eco-friendly shipping technologies between Korean and Greek experts​

EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS): Macquarie Group hosted a seminar on the inclusion of the maritime sector in the EU ETS, discussing its implications for shipowners​

Nuclear Energy in Maritime: This seminar, organized by the Greek Branch of SNAME, examined the potential of nuclear energy for ships, featuring discussions by major shipowners and pioneers in nuclear technology​ cutive)​.

Crew Insights: Organized by Kyvernitis Leading Travel Companies, this conference focused on crew management and HR within the shipping industry, featuring panel discussions with industry leaders​

Poland – Thinking out of the box about the maritime industry: Organized by the Polish Embassy, this seminar covered topics such as Polish seaports, renewable energy, and maritime logistics, showcasing Poland’s role in the industry​

S&P Global Commodity Insights Forum: This forum addressed the impact of geopolitics, changing trade dynamics, and energy transition on shipping markets​

UES: The Ferry Experience: A series of seminars focusing on enhancing the passenger and operator experiences in ferry travel, presented by UES, a leading provider of ferry seating solutions​.

Organizational and environmental initiatives

    Posidonia 2024 was notable for its commitment to sustainability. It became the first exhibition in Greece to receive ISO certification as a sustainable event. This certification highlights the organizers’ efforts to minimize environmental impact and maximize economic benefits for the local economy and businesses​.

    Industry impact and future prospects

    The event underscored the significant influence of Greek shipping on the global stage. Greek shipowners control substantial portions of the global fleet across various sectors, including oil tankers, dry bulk cargo, LNG, and LPG carriers. The conference facilitated crucial business interactions, providing exhibitors unmatched access to shipowners and shipping executives interested in innovative solutions for their operations​.

    Overall, Posidonia 2024 was a pivotal event for fostering dialogue, innovation, and collaboration within the maritime industry, setting the stage for future sustainability and technological integration advancements.

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