Place of residence: Rome, Italy Position: Founder, CEO @SWITCH – Street WITCHer / Board Member and Partner at ADPM Drones, Co-founder BeLoud. Please describe a day in your life: Meet the Talent As a tech entrepreneur, my days vary significantly due to the ever-changing nature of

Place of residence: San Francisco, CA Position: CEO and Founder, Socket Please describe a day in your life: Mornings, for me, usually kick off with a quick team sync-up. The majority of my day revolves mostly around collaborating with our amazing team, talking to customers, and

Place of residence: Milan Position: PR Manager at Samsung Italy Please describe a day in your life: It's not easy to describe a single day in my life because it doesn't exist as a typical day. I usually go to the office after dropping my

Place of residence: Chicago, US - Belgrade, Serbia Position: Co-founder of a full-service smart contract development agency called TokenFlow. I am in charge of business development and the global partnership side of the business. Please describe a day in your life: I usually

Meet the Talent: A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Dr Vanessa Farsadaki. Dr. Vanessa is a Space Medicine Expert, Futurist and the Mother of Astomedicine. She is in line to become the first

Place of residence: Belgrade, Serbia Position: Founder of Umbrella Marketing Agency, Co-Founder of Content Hotspot Please describe a day in your life: My days start with a quick phone check for urgent emails and my energetic music list on full blast - since

Age: 32 Place of residence: Mumbai, India Position: Strategy Lead at AdaniConnex DataCenters (a JV of EdgeConnex Inc.) Please describe a day in your life: My normal weekday starts with waking to my alarm, a generous cup of home-brewed coffee and a prayer of

Age: 35 Place of residence: Barcelona, Spain Position: CEO and Co-Founder Meet the Talent Please describe a day in your life: My day starts by checking all the messages and emails that arrived during my sleep, and then I shower while listening to music to

Meet the talent ALEXA QUINONES Age: 24. Place of residence: New Jersey, United States of America. Position: Researcher Scientist at NASA L'SPACE Program and Researcher Engineer at Deep Space Initiative Please describe a day in your life. My day starts very early, at 4:00 am. I'm very immersed