Meet the talent: Edwin Mata, CEO and Co-founder

Age: 35

Place of residence: Barcelona, Spain

Position: CEO and Co-Founder

Meet the Talent

Please describe a day in your life:

My day starts by checking all the messages and emails that arrived during my sleep, and then I shower while listening to music to clear my head and prepare for the day. I head to the office or work from home, reviewing my backlog to see what tasks need attention. Around 9 or 10 PM, I take a break to grab something to eat, watch an hour-long show, or play video games. At around 11 PM or midnight, I go through Twitter, the news, and my bookmarks to stay updated on current events and make notes about topics I want to explore the next day with a fresh perspective. Since I genuinely love what I do, I remain connected to work throughout the day.

How many projects are you currently working on? Please describe them

I am currently focused on one major project: Brickken. Brickken is a cutting-edge platform that aims to simplify the tokenization process for businesses by offering user-friendly tools and features. Our mission is to empower companies to tokenize assets globally, fueling the token economy’s growth. Brickken’s Token Suite is designed to streamline the creation, selling, and managing of digital assets, enabling businesses to transition easily into Web3. By providing an all-in-one platform that resembles Shopify’s impact on e-commerce, we’re making it easier for companies to tokenize and self-manage their digital assets.

In your opinion, who is the most influential person/company in the world of technology these days?

With his extensive involvement in ventures like Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and OpenAI, Elon Musk has left an indelible mark on various industries. Regardless of one’s opinion of his persona, it’s undeniable that his influence has significantly shaped the present landscape and the potential future of these sectors.

If you could pick one app/product/project existing now that you wish you were involved in, what would it be?

SpaceX. The future of humanity lies in the stars.

How do you see technology evolving in the next ten years?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are set to transform humanity and reshape our understanding of the world. These unstoppable forces will bring about outcomes we may not fully grasp. Meanwhile, blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize economies as nations transition to on-chain systems, with money and securities becoming tokenized. In the future, we will likely discuss token economies as the new norm.

What would you like the industry to look like in ten years?

Humanity uses technology not out of fear of being replaced but to increase productivity and optimize procedures that would create a huge jump in all industry’s advances, from medicine to the consumer, from software to hardware. We are accelerating the pace at which humanity is being digitized, and we should not be scared of it but embrace it and understand what this means for us from a social to a capital perspective.

What are the three characteristics you have that make you successful in tech?

The rapid digitization of our world is accelerating, and it’s essential to understand its implications for us, both socially and economically. As technology advances, humanity should embrace it not out of fear of being replaced but to enhance productivity and optimize processes across various industries, from medical to consumer and software to hardware. Instead of fearing change, we should welcome it and adapt to the new opportunities it presents.

What is the most challenging experience you’ve faced during your career?

Launching Brickken with limited resources and navigating through the uncertainties in its first year was incredibly challenging. There were moments when it felt like everything was against us, and no matter what we did, we couldn’t succeed.

Meet the talent
Edwin Mata

What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

Creating and nurturing Brickken has been my most outstanding achievement. The journey has transformed me as a person, reshaped my mindset, and taught me invaluable life lessons.

What do you wish yourself with respect to your career?

My goal is to turn Brickken into a unicorn and revolutionize the way we perceive securities markets today.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Building Brickken to new heights.

What is your next goal?

My aim is to successfully complete Brickken’s fundraising round, which will propel us to heights beyond our current imagination.

What tips do you have for people wanting to start in the tech world?

Embrace learning through experience, and seek wisdom from those more knowledgeable than you. Transform fear into a driving force by facing it head-on and using it to motivate continuous growth.

What would it be if you could say something to your younger self?

Have greater faith in yourself and understand that no one possesses the absolute truth; various perspectives are valuable, but your own is the most crucial.

What do non-tech people around you (family, friends) think you do?

Many people perceive me as a crypto trader seeking easy money and suggest I look for a regular job. However, after years of working in this field and demonstrating my passion for it, they are finally starting to acknowledge that I might be onto something significant.

What is the invention of the century in your eyes?

Blockchain technology has demonstrated that decentralization is feasible, paving the way for innovative forms of ownership and participation.

What can’t you do without? (app/product…)

I simply can’t do without Notion. It’s an incredibly versatile and efficient tool that allows me to organize my thoughts, tasks, and projects in one place. It helps me stay focused, prioritize effectively, and optimize my workflow for maximum productivity.

Which famous person would you like to have dinner with and why?

I would love to have dinner with Barack Obama. He is an exceptional communicator and has the unique ability to convey complex ideas in a relatable manner. As the first Black president of the United States, he broke barriers and challenged the status quo, impacting history.

Where would you like to travel next?

I want to travel to Japan and spend a whole month exploring the country without a set itinerary, allowing myself to get lost and discover new places, experiences, and destinations as I go.

If you were asked to stay on a deserted island for six months, what three things would you take with you?

I were asked to stay on a deserted island for six months, the three things I would take with me would be:

A magic, never-ending taco dispenser, because surviving on a deserted island is always better with unlimited tacos, a volleyball named Wilson, so I can have a buddy to talk to and play games with while I’m there, and a Swiss knife just in case.

Do you have a person who influences or motivates you?

My parents have been my greatest influence. Although I may be quite different from them, I recognize that my identity and values have been shaped by their guidance and experiences. I’ve become the person I am today thanks to their successes and failures, which have provided invaluable lessons throughout the years.

Last thing regarding which you told yourself, “how come no one has ever thought of it”?

A taco dispenser… I truly love tacos.

Last thing regarding which you told yourself, “how come haven’t thought of it”?

The last thing that made me say, “how come I haven’t thought of it” was a smart trash can that sorts and recycles waste on its own. It’s amazing how technology can make such a difference in our daily lives, and it’s inspiring to see innovative solutions being developed for a more sustainable future.

What did you dream of creating/inventing/doing as a child?

A portable rocket that can take me to space whenever I want and bring me back safely.

How did covid-19 change the way people view technological development?

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live our lives. With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, people have been forced to rely more heavily on technology to stay connected and get things done. From working remotely to attending virtual events, digital technology has become a necessity for daily life.

This has led to a greater appreciation for the capabilities of technology and how it can bring people together despite physical distance. People have become more accustomed to ordering food, groceries, and other goods online and using digital tools for communication and entertainment.

The pandemic has accelerated technology adoption, making it an integral part of our daily lives. This shift in mindset has created a greater demand for innovative technological solutions and has opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in the digital space. Overall, COVID-19 has shown us that technology can be a powerful tool for resilience and adaptability in times of crisis.

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