AI workers: Artificial Intelligence will lead many companies to reduce their workforce over the next five years. This is according to a new study conducted by the Adecco Group, which highlights AI's profound impact on the world of work. According to the

By Stephen Nellis SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Adobe is in the early stages of allowing third-party generative artificial intelligence tools such as OpenAI's Sora and others inside its widely used video editing software, the U.S. software maker said on Monday. Adobe's Premiere

Zoundream harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced sound recognition technology to decode and interpret the cries of newborns. This innovative approach focuses on the specialized realm of baby cries, enabling real-time translation of various needs such as hunger or fatigue. However, the

By Granth Vanaik and Aditya Soni (Reuters) - Hollywood performers and media professionals have reached a tentative deal with major record labels such as Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment that includes increases in minimum salaries and protections against the

Βy Ernest Scheyder, Julian Luk, Daina Beth Solomon, Fabian Cambero, Alexander Villegas, and Divya Rajagopal SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Copper's bull run should continue for at least the next three years, fueled by global supply challenges and hot demand for the metal

The next playlist you listen to on Spotify will be generated by artificial intelligence, which will act according to your requests. This will happen because the audio streaming giant has launched Playlist AI. This new feature allows users to get the sequence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, stands as one of the most revolutionary advancements of the modern age, reshaping industries, societies, and the fabric of human existence. At its core, AI refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks

Fake news: Once upon a time, there were user generated content platforms, in years when the height of social networking was Myspace. Then Web 2.0 cleared the way for everyone to post content online, and so photo and video sharing

By Katie Paul and Anna Tong NEW YORK (Reuters) - At its peak in the early 2000s, Photobucket was the world's top image-hosting site. The media backbone for once-hot services like Myspace and Friendster, it boasted 70 million users and accounted