Interview with Fabian Libeau, VP Sales EMEA at Axonius

During my time at Dublin Tech Summit, I had the chance to moderate a couple of panels. One of them was on “How to solve SaaS Complexity.” One of the panelists was Fabian Libeau, the VP of Sales EMEA at Axonius, and he also agreed to have a one-to-one video interview.

During our interview, Fabian told me his thoughts about the after Covid 19 conferences. What did people talk about during these events and new trends in cybersecurity. He also analysed how cyberattacks can be prevented in SaaS management and gave examples of actual cases.

“Axonius provide us with a single source of visibility and a single source of truth. We’re no longer arguing about what’s there and what’s not there, what’s been patched and what’s not been patched, and what coverage looks like. Without a tool like Axonius, we would spend more time arguing about the data than looking into the underlying problem” Doug Graham, Chief Trust Officer, Lionbridge

Axonius correlates asset data from existing solutions, provides an up-to-date inventory, reveals gaps, and automates response movements.
It supports IT and security teams by giving them the spirit to control complexity by mitigating threats, navigating risk, decreasing incidents, and informing business-level strategy.

Axonius has offices in New York, Us and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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