RSA Conference in San Francisco this year was available hybrid, 4i-Magazine attended online and came across many innovations in the cybersecurity world. After the event, I had the chance to have a video interview with Gil Geron, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Orca

Who are the people who are there to help us when we are attacked online? Is there a cyber-911? Should there be? There is currently no single entity or group to go to. Patrick Wheeler, guest on the podcast for

In this episode of the 4i-mag podcast, we explore the challenges of being in a 'geographically disintermediated' space, i.e. meat-space vs. cyberspace. Patrick Wheeler, expert and educator in cybersecurity, talks about flame-wars, trolls and cyber-bullying to discuss what happens to

The urgent needs for cybersecurity professionals is expanding. People from all backgrounds are needed and successful in this sector. There is no need to be a 'super-nerd' with advanced competences in ICT to transition in cybersecurity. Today's guest on the