Metomic: Interview with Rich Vibert CEO & Co founder

Metomic is a company that focuses on data privacy and compliance solutions. Their platform is designed to help businesses manage and control their data through privacy regulations and user preferences. Metomic offers tools to simplify the implementation of privacy features, such as consent management, data subject access requests (DSAR), and data governance. The company aims to assist organisations in navigating the complex landscape of data privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. By providing solutions for transparent data handling and user consent, Metomic helps businesses build trust with their users while staying compliant with evolving privacy regulations. Rich comes from a data science and start-up background, leading him to the SaaS world.

What does Metomic do?

Metomic is based in London, and people work from all over the world. The company is protecting sensitive data in SaaS applications. SaaS is a new environment, so much different from other security environments, typically structured tables showing where your data is. Whereas in SaaS, new data are coming in all the time, in different varieties and flavours, which are being shared with not just people in your organisation but also outside the organisation.

SaaS itself is connected to other SaaS applications; from a technical point of view, we are giving our customers the feasibility of all the blind points of SaaS, every single folder, and message they have in the drive within the team. Also, we prevent these risks by alerts and notifications to the employees themselves. Normally, the employees weren’t aware of their actions on shared data, so we notified them to ensure they meant to share their sensitive data. We give our customers real-time education on how to deal with sensitive data.

Could you share a case study where Metomic was problem-solving?

With almost all our customers, as SaaS is complicated, we always find sensitive data, such as passwords, in places customers didn’t think existed. So immediately, they get value from that visibility and the ability to change everything in one go and change the access. On a long-term basis, our customers get value from sharing data between them but not in a public file. They get a notification saying that they did not mean to share these files on a public file.

Metomic predictions for 2024

We will see more data in SaaS and more SaaS apps with more features, which are great for organisations but scary for security. Connect application to application; we will see this paradox with features to increase productivity but with great cyber security risks. SaaS apps will be more needed in a wide range of businesses.

Which events/conferences will Metomic attend in 2024?

Metomic will attend Black Hat in the USA and Europe, as well as the RSA and many major cybersecurity events worldwide.

Metomic is sharing some research data from their report:

Metomic scanned 6.5 million Google Drive files and found 90 average number of sensitive files per employee, of which 40% of all files contained sensitive data, and 34% of sensitive files were accessible externally. 38% Of security professionals ranked SaaS applications as the leading target for hackers, and 55% Of security executives said they experienced a security incident in SaaS over the last two years.

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