"I need a speaker" is a service that connects experts with audiences, by making it easy to locate speakers using search tools based on subject matter, location, fee, affiliation, name, etc. "I need a speaker" is a US based startup

Who are the people who are there to help us when we are attacked online? Is there a cyber-911? Should there be? There is currently no single entity or group to go to. Patrick Wheeler, guest on the podcast for

In this episode of the 4i-mag podcast, we explore the challenges of being in a 'geographically disintermediated' space, i.e. meat-space vs. cyberspace. Patrick Wheeler, expert and educator in cybersecurity, talks about flame-wars, trolls and cyber-bullying to discuss what happens to

The urgent needs for cybersecurity professionals is expanding. People from all backgrounds are needed and successful in this sector. There is no need to be a 'super-nerd' with advanced competences in ICT to transition in cybersecurity. Today's guest on the

Luca Verderame is the founder and CEO of the startup Talos, founded in 2016. The startup focuses on mobile security, and in particular it helps app developers identify and solve cyber-vulnerabilites. In this interview, Luca gives an insight on the

Nanotec_KE is a social enterprise company that offers Nano solutions for the food systems. It addresses a number of environmental problems related to waste materials that can be recycled and repurposed, especially in the geographical area of the Saharan Africa.

Today we can buy almost anything online. Some things are more difficult to buy correctly, though. One example: clothes! How can you know if a dress will fit you nicely? Popular web shops have tried to circumvent this problems by

A video book is a high quality photo book, with leather binding. Nothing exceptional so far. Except, when you flip the pages, the images move, in the form of high resolution videos - sound included. An apparently simple object, that

There are high expectations placed on the James Webb space telescope, the largest and most powerful space telescope to be sent into space. The telescope is a hundred times more powerful than its predecessor, the Hubble space telescope, orbiting at