Europe boasts a thriving and diverse ecosystem of cybersecurity companies, according to recent industry research. European Champions Alliance (ECA) released the second edition of its Cybersecurity Scale-up Mapping 2020 on the 8th of December. The study highlights the capacity of European cybersecurity

A simple explanation for cloud computing would be not storing data, applications and information on local hard disk or local servers, but storing it away from our physical location. When we need all of them (data, applications, information), access is

This article is a follow-up on the article: Encellin - a biotech company to help patients with Type 1 Diabetes How did you start setting up Encellin? When was the first idea born? What was the original purpose? Encellin was born from the vision of

Xiaomi has rapidly become one of the most popular smartphone companies in the world. There are two main reasons for this. The first is based on the development of attractively priced products with technical features on a par with the

The need for energy transitions - a future based on renewables An energy transition larger and quicker than ever before is essential in order to keep globalwarming, measured against the temperature pre-coal, well below 2 °C. Today, we are relying onfossil

Marine pollution is a well-known problem. The news media often report on the growing amount of plastic floating in the oceans and threatening the marine ecosystem. A Portuguese startup founded in 2019, 3D Modelling Studio, has developed a system to

Over its 51,000 square metre campus in the French capital, Station F is home to some 1200 companies. This makes the start-up incubator more ambitious in scale than any of its competition in Berlin, London, or even San Francisco. It was must-see viewing

Opening Google Play or the App Store and searching for mental health brings up hundreds of results: from meditation apps, to mood trackers, to sleep apps. In the current pandemic situation, many of us have probably made this search in

Montreal is the largest city of the Canadian province of Quebec. The reputation of its art scene is known worldwide. The cultures and languages that meet in Montreal produce a unique environment that results in creative, innovative, and highly multidisciplinary