By Sourasis Bose (Reuters) - New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Wednesday that his administration has filed a lawsuit against social media companies including Meta Platforms' Facebook and Instagram for fueling mental health crisis among the youth. The lawsuit, filed

Software development is one of the key activities for the digital transformation of companies and their markets. Emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing the way software is created and managed, offering new opportunities for innovation, customization, and value. What

As a digital nomad, you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere in the world. Whether sipping coffee in a Parisian cafe or lounging on a beach in Bali, your office is wherever you choose. However, with this

With AI applications becoming increasingly intertwined with our daily lives, a comprehensive framework has become necessary. In a landmark move, the European Union (EU) has put forth pioneering legislation known as the AI Act, aiming to regulate the rapidly advancing field

The emergence of 5G technology is an exciting advancement for consumers and businesses. But as with any new technology, inherent risks come with it. 5G security risks are particularly concerning as they can have far-reaching implications on our data privacy,

By Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House will host officials from 37 countries and 13 global companies in Washington this week to address the growing threat of ransomware and other cyber crime, including the illicit use of cryptocurrencies, a

The design-led gifting platform is building on the success of its enterprise offering to introduce a new marketplace that enables any company to build brand loyalty through thoughtful gifting.  &Open, the platform delivering better gifts at scale for companies that care,

Marine pollution is a well-known problem. The news media often report on the growing amount of plastic floating in the oceans and threatening the marine ecosystem. A Portuguese startup founded in 2019, 3D Modelling Studio, has developed a system to