The aftereffects of the pandemic are still pinching the tech world nearly four years later. With technology booming overnight as people shifted their lives online, innovation was at the heart of keeping the world working in 2020. One of many

She is Mom Team What is "She is Mom"? "She is Mom" is more than just a platform; it's a movement aimed at uplifting women, especially mothers, in all dimensions of their professional lives. Leveraging a holistic approach, we offer myriad services,

As Cybersecurity month continues, we turn to some women who are making their mark on the industry. Irish cybersecurity expert Jan O’Carroll is one of many females who has dived head-first into the cybersecurity world. Jan is one of the

An increasing number of tech founders are producing apps or wearables to assist women through one of the most challenging transitions of their lives. Menopause is becoming more widely spoken about as workplaces globally recognise the need to provide support

For a month, women's football will be the most followed globally. From 20 July to 20 August, the ninth edition of the Women's World Cup will be played in Australia and New Zealand. For the first time there will be

Age: 32 Place of residence: Mumbai, India Position: Strategy Lead at AdaniConnex DataCenters (a JV of EdgeConnex Inc.) Please describe a day in your life: My normal weekday starts with waking to my alarm, a generous cup of home-brewed coffee and a prayer of

AI-powered language processing tool ChatGPT has revolutionized how content is delivered and received since its launch in November last year. Latest data from shows the platform currently has over 100 million users, with over 1.8 billion visitors to the ChatGPT website alone

Inflation has seen many of us increase the monitoring of our spending habits through technology.  Women in Tech: Financial well-being is a loosely coined term for developing a good relationship with your money, which tech assists us with. According to figures from The

It's no secret; payroll is one of the most tiresome tasks for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is a complex proven pain point for companies everywhere, whether it's calculating pay based on the type of employee, their salary,