Companies are not properly protecting minors X announced that it would hire a hundred moderators, and a bitter smile came to my face. It is a step forward from the dismissal of the entire content moderation team, which took place just

The latest news from Apple marks a significant change in the alternative app store landscape for devices. The most surprising move is the compliance of iOS 17.4 with the DMA in Europe, a step that will allow developers to offer their apps

It may be the consequences of inflation, armed conflicts in Europe and the ever-increasing tension gripping world geopolitics, but in the last 24 months, the cost of raw materials has soared. One of the sharpest increases has been in electricity,

Just as politicians rarely keep what they promise before the election, so Elon Musk has deluded us for years about the possibility of living on Mars. After the proclamations and the plans, the billionaire preferred to buy himself a social