Web3, blockchain, and NFTs are concepts of intense interest to artists, entrepreneurs, and collectors, as they are constantly gaining in popularity and intruding into more and more fields. By leveraging the capabilities of blockchain and adjacent technologies, Phygify - a Web3 decentralized e-commerce

We have heard a lot about NFTs for the past couple of years. Searches for NFTs reached record highs in 2021 and then plummeted in 2022. However, celebrity NFTs have seen some increase in searches lately with the news of

Cryptocurrency: The news of FTX going bankrupt has been in the headlines lately. The CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, is arrested for allegedly channelling the customer’s fund to its sister company, making a $10 billion hole in their finance. That’s a lot of money. It

By Gopi Kannappan, Chief Product Officer bitsCrunch* NFTs and Art: "The trade volume for non-fungible tokens or NFTs was about $17 billion in January 2022 – but since trade has tumbled about 94% from its peak value the result is scepticism.

A blockchain-based games platform where players can do whatever they want, including jumping to another marketplace. This is the idea behind Infinity Games, an ecosystem created by a Serbian team that aims to offer a fun and convenient solution for players

NFTs Cybercrime: "Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are revolutionizing the art world". We have heard this many times and noticeably more often since the industry's substantial growth in 2021. Without a doubt, NFTs have unlocked new opportunities for revenue generation for artists

In recent months, we have covered Sorare, a leading sports start-up, which has combined a fantasy game, trading cards, and NFTs. The sport's popularity in the world favours this type of business, so other companies are springing up that focus on

Cryptocurrencies have made it possible to trade all sorts of things in a virtual universe. Ever since the invention and creation of Blockchain to support the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, its industry has been booming. The Blockchain has been harnessed by various

Unique NFT collections combine cutting-edge digital art and superior real-life experiences Ahead of this year’s much-anticipated EXIT Festival, the two-time winner of the Best Major European Festival award and one of the world's leading cultural, social, and entertainment events is set