Jeremy Robson

My name is Jeremy Robson and I have lived in five different countries so far, which I'm sure will keep increasing. I was born in the UK, but quickly moved to Tanzania for two years, the Czech Republic for 18 years, The Netherlands for four years, and now currently France. I consider myself European. I love extreme sports, and anything to do with the outdoors. I also love documentary filmmaking and journalism. I am always exploring news stories, and investigating what's behind them. I speak fluent Czech and some Spanish, and I want to focus on French and German now. My fun fact is that I used to be a child actor and play in movies such as The Brothers Grimm with Heath Ledger and Matt Damon.

European railways: There has been a lot of discussion in Europe recently to make it easier for travellers to use rail services as an alternative to short-haul flights. Recent announcements from airlines on link-ups with train operators indicate they are

The Netherlands has been home to many urban electric transport brands. It’s a booming hub for startups in this sector, and a new urban electric moped brand is now trendy. The first model of the new Brekr brand was launched

It has been a while since a new GTA game came out. The most recent version, and probably the most famous, GTA V, was hugely successful. This pivotal and influential game has sold over 150 million copies and makes over a few million

Sustainable fashion: Fashion has always been essential to human development and civilization. Its creativity and relevance have made it central to various cultures. Civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and even the ancient Chinese empires all had exquisite dresses and

In The Netherlands, a Dutch artist and innovator, Daan Roosegaarde, and his team, "connect people and technology in installations that improve daily life in urban environments, spark the imagination and fight the climate crisis. Clean air, clean water, clean energy,

The renewable energy sector is booming. Every week there are new technologies and innovations come to fruition all around the globe. It is fascinating to follow these innovations and see how they develop and grow, especially since some are startups

Seventy-one percent of the world's surface is covered by water. Seventy percent of the world's population lives within five kilometers of water. Water is essential to our everyday lives, and since the beginning of humanity, we have been completely reliant

Today, more than ever, our lives are online. We rely entirely on technology, such as our mobile phones and laptops, for our daily needs. When you fly through an airport, take a bus, read your e-mails, talk to your parents,

Formula E: Whether you are a racing fan or not, we all know how popular racing sports are. Huge racing events, such as NASCAR, The Formula 1, Les Mans, Rally Safari, the Monte Carlo Rally, and even the Moto GP,