Credits: Houston 3D Printed House - Anthony Vu / via Hannah's website A 3D printer is taking home building to a new level. A massive 12-ton 3D printer built the first 3D-printed two-story house in the U.S. The 1,220 square meter

Medicine-as-a-service is already a trend in Northern Europe. The pharmaceutical industry is closely linked to mass production. In order for medicines to be sold cheaply, they often have to be produced in large quantities. But what happens if you need a

Do-it-yourself is a trend that, for some years now, has taken on a very different meaning for one sector, that of 3D printing. It is often referred to as the most advanced solution that companies use to make prototypes and

3D printing for home construction is a fast-growing industry that is allowing many companies and startups to make their way into and bring innovation to the construction branch. The best example comes from Mighty Buildings, which last February raised $40 million