Lookout: interview with Bastien Bobe, Field CTO EMEA 

During my visit to Black Hat Europe 2023, I met Bastien Bobe, who is in charge of the technical strategy of the EMEA region. He is also a speaker leading the technical parts of the products. He also works with the marketing team to educate customers about the risks of using cloud services. And why they need to protect their mobiles. Educating the market, their customers, their team and individuals. We had the chance to discuss what Lookout offers clients and give us some insights for future products.

The Lookout Cloud Security Platform is the exclusive cloud-native option that provides zero trust security, minimizes risks, and safeguards your corporate data across all devices, applications, and locations. Utilizing a centralized dashboard and a unified policy framework, Lookout facilitates the streamlining of vendors for both endpoint and cloud security.

Data security goes beyond merely securing sensitive information; it entails liberating it. We are unifying data security across devices, applications, networks, and the cloud—offering protection from any location on any device, all while preserving privacy. This marks the future of secure data, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.

What is the primary focus of the company?

Lookout cares for data security in mobile devices; this is the guideline for cloud services. Because when you have a mobile device, you have a cloud service on it and data stored there. However, data are not stored only on the device but also in the cloud, in your email, on your Facebook account, etc. So, your mobile device is used to access the cloud anytime; you can’t do anything without a network connection, and it is almost useless. We want to protect the data on your mobile device and when used on the cloud service.

BAstien Bone Lookout
Bastien Bone Lookout

The company started as a mobile company in 2007; we were a consumer company. In 2016, we created a business unit to sell only to enterprises, and early in 2023, we sold 100% of the consumer part of the business. Now, we are only focusing on the business part. On mobile devices, we detect malicious activities made by the user or malicious applications. So, if you receive a message for a parcel delivery and click on it, it will steal all your data, this is a phishing activity.

You might also have a spyware program like Predator, which spies on your mobile, turns on your camera, etc., which is the most important threat to have on your mobile, and you are now aware of it. So, we are protecting your mobile device from all of this activity. Also, we protect all the members of the companies’ access to the cloud, and we make sure that the user complies with the company’s policy. We also offer more components to coach the user on how to use their data with other tools we have created and how to do it more securely.

Can you give us some examples of malicious activities.

On mobiles and clouds, we see more modern attacks without any malware. They will scam the user to steal their credentials without using any legitimate way. For example, in the QR code scam, you send a code by email, and the user will scan the code, receive an email on the phone, and then ask for the information on the phone. So basically, you bypass the email and just scan the QR code. They will use legitimate tools to steal the user’s data first and then target the company.

What are the future plans for Lookout?

We are creating many alliance partners and extending partnership on the technical side of the partnership. We decided to work together so they can give their customers the best of the market. The plan is to go beyond that and extend our cloud security with third-party vendors.

Which events and conferences are you attending in 2024?

Lookout is going to Infosec in the UK, itsa Germany, Les Assises Monaco and many more. We are also doing smaller events for customers and partners. We attend big events but want smaller events for our customers, too. This way, we get customer feedback and customers interact with each other and have more quality time. We do that in Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and France.

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