Brekr – The most attractive electric motorbike on the market.

The Netherlands has been home to many urban electric transport brands. It’s a booming hub for startups in this sector, and a new urban electric moped brand is now trendy. The first model of the new Brekr brand was launched with interest, with the first model, the Brekr B4000, which adds something entirely new to the scene on the road. This electric moped connects design, electrical technology and history in a completely new and refreshing way. While respecting old-school motorcycle designs, also called roadsters or café racers, and combining them with modern, sustainable electric mobility, the Brekr could be seen on many more roads in the future. Their second model, Model B, showcases even more cutting-edge sustainable technology.

“We developed and built the Brekr model B because it does not yet exist on the market. That is what drives us. An electric moped that combines history and future into an insane, quirky but also logical design. Recognizable and yet completely new with a rough edge, nice driving and smart technology. This electric moped will put a smile on your face, every time you ride it. We have even more ambition for the future and if you ask us it will not end with this model.” Says Commercial Director Niels Willems.

Unsplash, 2022: No matter who you are, the Brekr can fit your style

The future of electric biking

After years of preparation, Brekr was officially founded in 2018. It shares a passion for electric driving, technology and design. The Brekr team is now growing and working with many specialists, experts, enthusiasts and suppliers to perfect their future bikes.

There are already many motorbikes and scooters on our roads, such as the popular NIU scooters; however, they all look the same and are relatively simple and ugly. Technical director of Brekr, Jasper Hagedoorn, said, “Actually its very strange because you no longer need a gas tank to look cool, and you want to place the batteries for good driving.”
The Brekr model B has space for two removable batteries. A battery has a capacity of 1.9 kWh, with which you drive 50 to 80 km or 100 to 160 km with two batteries. Due to its unique aluminium frame, the Brekr is ten to thirty kilograms lighter than an average scooter, so your range increases massively. It is very smooth to ride, with fast acceleration and excellent steering. This is important for busy streets such as in Amsterdam or London.

Advanced battery management system

An advanced battery management system (BMS) monitors your battery’s health. The BMS intervenes immediately if there can be damage to your battery. The system prevents wear and tear on your battery and short circuit issues. There is protection against overcharging, and maximum charging of your batteries can shorten the lifespan. There is also protection against wrong voltage; if the voltage is not uniform or is inaccurate, the system will intervene. Equalization of the power cells ensures that all cells deliver the same output for optimum service life and performance.

Also, Commercial Director Niels Willems explains that “The Brekr makes an ‘electrified sound’ so that other road users can hear you and therefore see you. The sound is artificially generated and takes into account the speed and position of the throttle.”

 What does it cost?

Has this sparked your interest? Would you consider buying this cutting-edge electric scooter? If you are, the price is around 4,199 euros, including a strong 1.9 kWh battery. Brekr offers the B4000 upon introduction for 3,899 euros. The Brekr B4000 is initially available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. More countries are expected to be added. The Brekr B4000 can only be ordered online via Electric mopeds are low in maintenance; service is provided by Brekr service partners on-site.

The future, or the e-future, of electric motorcycling is inspiring, and the market is constantly adapting to the demands and needs of its customers. Brekr will lead the way in efficiency and design for many years.

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