Arc Search, the AI-powered browser that creates the customized web page

Technological evolution means progress and overcoming tools through innovative, more effective, safety and convenient solutions. While just about everything has changed since the dawn of computer society, among the few survivors not yet replaced is the browser, which remains the best as well as necessary element for surfing the Web. Perhaps the critical time has also come for it, at least looking at what Arc Search can do. Which performs identical functions but looks like a combination of browser and search engine, with the crucial addition of artificial intelligence.

Available at the moment only for the iPhone, as a free, uninvited version and for now only in English, the app offers a different experience as it creates the web page based on the topic or character or the initial question, mixing a range of information and media content about the topic in question. In essence, instead of answering a single query, it provides results by synthesizing answers to different nuances on the topic sought.

Browse for Me makes the difference

Conceived as a smartphone app, the essence of Arc Search is in the ‘Browse for Me’ feature, based on OpenAI‘s templates, thanks to which, in a few seconds, it returns a web page with data on the history of the birth of the search object, its uses and latest news, as well as the way to purchase it. So, for a recipe, it consults six web pages listing the ingredients needed and cooking times, origin and evolution, but also possible pairings for serving it on the table, along with links to nearby restaurants where you can try it.

If, on the other hand, one is looking for information about an actor or singer, as well as photos and names of movies or dates of upcoming scheduled tours, with news about the partner and recent performances, as well as upcoming engagements already planned. And again, in case the search is targeted at a sports club, the app summarizes the history, iconic players, latest achievements and strongest rivalries, listing a number of sources for each entry.

Arc Search
Arc Search

A broader and more in-depth heir to Arc Browser released in 2023, the application developed by The Browser Company seems to be an evolution of the way Google works, as it groups the results that Big G provides with multiple searches and different keywords on a topic. It must be said that the results are not always perfect at the moment, partly because Arc Search often does not cite sources. Consequently, one must be careful to weigh that and verify what one reads, although the list of links in the Dive Deeper section at the bottom of the page helps one understand better. In its infancy as a generative artificial intelligence solution, the reliability of Arc Search will also improve as it progresses.

Less functions, but more information 

Beyond this aspect, however, what is surprising is the idea behind the project, which aims to merge browsers, search engines, and AI chatbots in a way that provides information in a unique, timely, and effective manner. The presence of far fewer features compared to a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, and Edge is not a disadvantage at a time when Arc Search guarantees fast and effective results. However, time is needed to refine and perfect the mechanism. It will have to be seen what the intentions of Josh Miller, CEO of The Browser Company, will be regarding the development and version for iPad, Windows, and Android.

Still it will also discuss how it will implement artificial intelligence and whether it will find an agreement with the authors of the content it flags on the web page it creates. Also evaluated is the possibility of customizing the results and whether it will create a paid version. Looking at the current product, as acerbic as it is, it is something different and somewhat novel in combining web search and AI. A good starting point on which to build a better solution that can perhaps steal the show from traditional browsers.

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