Will Your Wage Drop Because of A.I.?

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has shown exponential growth across different industries. We now search for information using ChatGPT or Bard, make songs and images with A.I.-powered tools, and get content recommendations by A.I. assistants on streaming platforms.

The threat of artificial intelligence in employment prospects is one of the most-discussed issues when we talk about machine workers. According to a recent report from the investment bank Goldman Sachs, A.I. may replace an equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs soon.

Still, they are merely estimations. We have yet to definitively answer how big the impact of artificial intelligence competing with human counterparts in the job market will be.

In contrast, its effect on wage levels can be found in some real-world cases. This impact could be due to the change of responsibilities and duties from adopting A.I. tools. 

Sunny Um is a Seoul-based journalist working with 4i Magazine. She writes and talks about policies, business updates, and social issues around the Korean tech industry. She is best known for in-depth explanations of local issues for readers who need a better understanding of the Korean context. Sunny’s works appeared in prominent Korean news outlets, such as the Korea Times and Wired Korea. She currently makes regular writing contributions to newsrooms worldwide, such as Maritime Fairtrade, a non-profit media organization based in Singapore. She also works as a content strategist at 1021 Creative. A person who holds a Master’s degree in Political Economy from King’s College London, she loves to follow up on news of Korean politics and economy when she’s not writing.