If there is something Google does better than others, it integrates all its products into a large and complete ecosystem. Apple has been doing it for years, but Big G is the only one that can count on practically every

With artificial intelligence (AI) advancing at an unprecedented pace, a series of ethical issues arises. The foremost among these concerns is how AI systems can make automated decisions for us. According to recent research conducted by ESMT Berlin, machines have the potential to outperform

By Supantha Mukherjee STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Swedish payments group Klarna has launched a new AI-driven shopping feature, developed with OpenAI tech, that allows people to shop by taking a photo of products they like which then become available to buy in

By Zaheer Kachwala (Reuters) - Social media giant Meta Platforms said on Wednesday that it has started rolling out generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can create content like image backgrounds and variations of written text for all advertisers. The company started

By Katie Paul and Anna Tong MENLO PARK, California (Reuters) - Meta Platforms Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday rolled out new AI products for consumers, including smart glasses that can answer questions and stream directly on Facebook, as well as

By Samrhitha Arunasalam (Reuters) - ChatGPT users will now be able to surf the web, Microsoft-backed OpenAI said on Wednesday, expanding the data the viral chatbot can access beyond its earlier September 2021 cutoff. The artificial intelligence startup said its latest browsing

By Hritam Mukherjee and Navamya Ganesh Acharya BENGALURU (Reuters) - SAP SE's Indian arm hopes to double its share of the German software giant's patents and add 3,000 jobs per year as it bets bigger on artificial intelligence, a top executive

By Daniel Trotta EL CAJON, California (Reuters) - California firefighters are using artificial intelligence to help spot wildfires, feeding video from more than 1,000 cameras strategically placed across the state into a machine that alerts first responders when to mobilize. In an

Artificial Intelligence has emerged in the last year as a tool to support communication activities thanks to the spread of generative AI technologies that allow content to be created automatically. In the United States, 29% of young professionals belonging to