What is the Microsoft Security Copilot AI program

Microsoft has opened the early access program for Security Copilot, its generative artificial intelligence system for cybersecurity. Microsoft Security Copilot was announced in March as an innovative solution to help businesses and organizations protect their data and networks. The early access program allows corporate users to try the service for the first time and provide feedback.

Microsoft shared on its blog about the performance of Security Copilot. The service has enabled early customers to reduce time spent on core security operations by up to 40 per cent. This is thanks to features such as the ability to formulate complex queries with natural language queries and generate systematic summaries of security incidents. The Redmond-based company explained that Security Copilot can improve a security team’s skills and save valuable time. The service enables teams to identify potential security holes that may have been overlooked, allowing them to focus on crucial projects. Security Copilot aims to perform several tasks to help security administrators manage and prevent cyber incidents, including an incident summary: It can create an overview of a security incident, indicating the nature, scope and impact of the attack, as well as possible countermeasures to be taken. This helps administrators quickly understand the situation and respond effectively.

Respond quickly to the incidents

Incident response: can also act directly on security incidents, using Microsoft 365 Defender to detect, investigate and resolve threats. The service can block compromised accounts, isolate infected devices, remove malware, and restore corrupted data. Natural language queries: allows administrators to formulate natural language queries on emerging threats and cyber attacks using a simple text-based interface. The service can provide up-to-date and reliable information on hacker techniques, targets, sources and advice on protecting your organization.

Security Copilot aims to perform several tasks
Security Copilot aims to perform several tasks

Malware analysis: it can also perform in-depth malware analysis using advanced tools such as sandboxing, reverse engineering, and machine learning. The service can identify the type, function and origin of malware, as well as its vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Attack Exploration: can help administrators explore potential cyber attack scenarios aimed at their organization, using artificial intelligence-based simulation. The service can generate realistic hypotheses about how hackers might try to infiltrate, damage or steal the organization’s data, as well as suggest best practices to prevent or mitigate such attacks.

Free services for Security Copilot customers

Microsoft has announced significant news for Security Copilot customers: the Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence service, with its API, will be accessible for free. Defender Threat Intelligence is a platform integrated into Microsoft security products, providing security teams with a comprehensive view of the cyber threat landscape, including actors, tools, vulnerabilities and infrastructure. Microsoft invites companies and organizations to participate in the Microsoft Security Copilot early access program. However, there has not been any information on the program’s launch date or expected costs.

Inside Microsoft’s AI revolution with Copilot

Copilot is the result of the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI. Copilot has become the centrepiece of Microsoft’s AI offering, integrating it into several applications. This week, Microsoft made Copilot available for Power Apps, which helps users create custom applications without writing code. In addition, Microsoft also introduced Copilot in OneNote, which allows users to take notes, organize information and create content with the help of AI. Copilot was initially launched as GitHub Copilot, a programming assistant that suggests code in various languages.

Later, Microsoft made other versions of Copilot for its products, such as Microsoft 365 Copilot, Dynamics 365 Copilot, and Windows Copilot. These versions offer AI-based features to improve users’ productivity, creativity and security. Last month, Microsoft unified Microsoft 365 Copilot, Windows Copilot and Bing Chat AI into one tool called Microsoft Copilot. This tool offers more than 150 new features, including the ability to use AI in applications such as Paint, Photos and Clipchamp.

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