Wabbi – Interview with Brittany Greenfield

During the RSA conference in San Francisco, I had the chance to interview Brittany Greenfield founder and CEO of Wabbi.

The name Wabbi came from the Japanese wabi-sabi, which reflects the acceptance that nothing is perfect and leads you to more profound knowledge.

The company aims to ensure that companies deliver their product to their users with the best security, which is a synonym for quality. Security has to be part of the company’s “health system.” It helps you take control of your company’s security data and address the issues that need fixing. Also, you can plan and monitor future vulnerability management issues.

‘Why does deploying security to your DevOps pipeline have to be so hard?” This question is on Wabbi’s website, and Brittany explains how it can be changed.

At the RSA Wabbi launched a new solution offering supply chain compliance functionality to organizations. Britanny is explaining how that will work and how she chose the name Wabbi. As well as how more women are taking the lead in cybersecurity

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