By Sheila Dang (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's YouTube will expand ways for advertisers to reach music and podcast listeners and viewers on connected televisions, the company said on Monday. The announcements come as the advertising industry has struggled amid record-high inflation and

It would seem obvious that in 2021 every business has a presence online, including a website. But Ameet Kallarackal, CEO and co-founder of the US-based startup Fisherman, found that it is not the case. Many businesses, especially in the food

"I need a speaker" is a service that connects experts with audiences, by making it easy to locate speakers using search tools based on subject matter, location, fee, affiliation, name, etc. "I need a speaker" is a US based startup

In this month’s editorial, I am very excited to introduce our Podcast series. It is something that started just as an idea and now is developed and produced in its final concept. The Podcast series is divided in 2 sections: 4i-Magazine

A video book is a high quality photo book, with leather binding. Nothing exceptional so far. Except, when you flip the pages, the images move, in the form of high resolution videos - sound included. An apparently simple object, that

There are high expectations placed on the James Webb space telescope, the largest and most powerful space telescope to be sent into space. The telescope is a hundred times more powerful than its predecessor, the Hubble space telescope, orbiting at

There currently are about 1200 asteroids on a publicly available "asteroid risk list", which means there are so many asteroids with a non-zero chance of colliding with our planet and should therefore be monitored to avoid a disaster. But can