VideoBooks keep moving memories handy and alive: The idea of the German based startup memperience

A video book is a high quality photo book, with leather binding. Nothing exceptional so far. Except, when you flip the pages, the images move, in the form of high resolution videos – sound included. An apparently simple object, that combines concepts we are familiar with – a book, a video – but together makes an appealing product for private individuals and especially high profile companies.

A VideoBook can be used to present a product, for example, or preserve precious memories of special events like a wedding or the trip of a lifetime. Much of the memories and documents in general that we produce today are digital, that means they are intangible or immaterial. Unlike old photos on paper, it is not easy to go back and look at those memories or browse through your favourite and most relevant moments in life.

A VideoBook solves this problem by integrating moving images in an object that can be physically browsed through and shared with family, friends, and clients. The German based startup Memperience was founded as a family business by three brothers: Manuel, Cedric, and Julian – who appears in this interview. Putting the book together posed several technical challenges due to the very limited space offered by the thin pages, and especially by the fact that the pages need to be turning. The book requires no cables or plugs, as charging is wireless.



Special thanks to Jeff Willens for the audio processing.

Federica Bressan is a researcher and science communicator. She holds two MDs in Music and Musicology and a PhD in Computer Science. The vision underlying her work concerns the co-evolution of technology and culture. As a Marie Curie and Fulbright researcher, she has published 30+ peer-reviewed articles, chaired international events, and guest edited a special issue of the Journal of New Music Research. As communicator, she conducts video interviews and hosts the podcast Technoculture, and writes about science and society. Visit Federica's podcast at: