By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - NASA's rover Perseverance has gathered data confirming the existence of ancient lake sediments deposited by water that once filled a giant basin on Mars called Jerezo Crater, according to a study published on Friday. The

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - On May 4, 2022, NASA's InSight lander detected the largest quake yet recorded on Mars, one with a 4.7 magnitude - fairly modest by Earth standards but strong for our planetary neighbor. Given Mars lacks the

Nitinol: Speaking of NASA, many envision galaxies, astronauts, and interstellar wonders. Yet, cycling? It's the latest arena where NASA's advanced tech is making waves. Enter the METL tire— futuristic, airless, and eco-conscious. Forget scenes from a sci-fi novel; this is today's cycling

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission touched down on Martian soil on February 18th. Since then, the rover Perseverance has been capturing images and the imagination as part of its ongoing reconnaissance of the planet’s rusted surface. The Red Planet has fascinated scientists