Navigating the digital world demands vigilance, especially against different cyber threats, for example, malware. At times like this come malware file scanners, designed to detect and neutralize these cyber dangers, becoming crucial for computer safety. But how much can we

FlashStart Group, among the world's most advanced in Cybersecurity and DNS filtering, was born from the great passion for Internet security of a team of experts in the IT world.It is a journey that started in SMEs and Schools and

Today, more than ever, we hear about malware. But what is it? The term refers to any software designed with malicious intent, usually an executable file that aims to damage, destroy or steal data, take control of computers and aid

The field of cybersecurity is experiencing rapid growth, leading to a significant increase in job opportunities within the industry. If you're interested in learning about cybersecurity, several books can assist you in your learning journey. These books can provide you with

Browser extensions are one of the most convenient ways to enhance your browsing experience. However, they also pose risks for users and their personal data.Through them, you can become a victim of online fraud or have malware installed on your

Cybersecurity has taken centre stage in protecting us from digital harm in today's hyper-connected world. This article invites you to explore encryption and fileless malware – two sinister foes that have emerged as significant threats to our online safety. They

The internet is full of potential threats that can risk your personal data and security. Malware is one of the most common threats, and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is often seen as the solution. But can a VPN really

What is ERMAC 2.0 In 2021, researchers discovered a malware called ERMAC that attacks Android devices. Cybersecurity researchers classify the ERMAC 2.0 threat as an Android banking Trojan. The threat is sold to any interested cybercriminal on underground hacker forums. The

Last February on 24th it was reported a new cyber-attack happened on a satellite communications company named Viasat, which attacked their infrastructure in Ukraine. The company, in their new security report, confirmed that the attack involved the use of a