FlashStart Group: Interview with Francesco Collini, CEO and founder

FlashStart Group, among the world’s most advanced in Cybersecurity and DNS filtering, was born from the great passion for Internet security of a team of experts in the IT world.
It is a journey that started in SMEs and Schools and has arrived, nowadays, to a wider distribution. At the core of its offering is global protection via the Anycast network. Its product line is divided into four levels. In the Pro version, AI-based DNS filtering protects Internet browsing from content and malware attacks and provides clear and comprehensive reports in compliance with territorial laws. The ProPlus version, in turn, has in addition, integration with Microsoft’s MS-Active Directory.

FlashStart Lite and Premium for ISPs, WISPs and Telcos is designed for residential and SOHO customers and offers content and malware filtering. FlashStart Lite and Premium have all the features of Cloud Pro to help improve traffic health and quality with an advanced DNS filtering system, continuously updated via AI. FlashStart Lite and Premium optimize bandwidth utilization, offer a local DNS cache (Cloud Box), keep public IPs clean, and offer multi-threading by allowing differentiated policies. Hybrid Firewall is a network and remote end-point protection solution that integrates typical Firewall functionality with UTM and Cloud Filtering services. This new frontier in Cyber protection monitors both traffic coming from the Internet world and the flow of data generated within the network, blocking intrusion attempts and browsing dangerous sites.

FlashStart Group

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity means adopting an advanced and automatic system of updating Blacklists used by DNS filtering. Currently, FlashStart’s Artificial Intelligence boasts a 90% rate of correctly predicted domains, blocks sites with insignificant content or unusual languages, supports 24 languages, has more than ten recognized alphabets and effective cyber threat intelligence.

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