Agritask: The Internet of Things creates a buzz of excitement in all kinds of fields ranging from the infrastructure, automotive, and retail industries. What is not so commonly talked about is the IoT's most crucial use case yet, which is

You probably might have encountered the term IoT in your everyday life since it is thought to be where future technology is heading. IoT, which stands for Internet of Things, is a mixture of many smart technologies, where we can

Marriott, one of the major hotel brands, has already made good use of smart technology to transform hotel operations and guest experience. The reputational hotel chain created its Innovation Lab, a few years ago, where it is experimenting with various innovative

Smart hotels attracted the giant hotel chain enabling innovation in hospitality using smart technologies. Hilton has taken a big step in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) by enabling innovative technologies to upgrade its hospitality services and rapidly

Everybody by now has come across the IoT term in technology. We are witnessing that this technology is emerging and evolving rapidly. Everyone wants to get their hands on it. So, what is IoT and why it has taken the