With World Beauty Day fast approaching on the 9th of September, we thought it ample time to reflect on some of the latest, greatest beauty innovations that have emerged over the past few years. Beauty tech has become a booming

Fashion Tech: With a total endowment of EUR 5.64 million, the Styleit project launched by CDP Venture Capital has a three-year time horizon. It envisages the involvement of about ten start-ups annually: subjects that can access an acceleration path aimed at consolidating

With a surge in demand for online clothes shopping over the past two years, fashion consumers have become accustomed to buying before trying. Before now, this had proven dangerous for both the purchaser and the buyer as, let's face it,

Today we can buy almost anything online. Some things are more difficult to buy correctly, though. One example: clothes! How can you know if a dress will fit you nicely? Popular web shops have tried to circumvent this problems by