In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of work has been forever altered, with remote work now an integral facet of the modern workforce. A report from Coresignal highlights that Europe witnessed a significant shift as of last year, with

Any type of device or user trying to access any corporate resource, even a known one, is potentially dangerous. This assumption is the basis for Zero Trust, a network security model favoured by companies to defend their data against cyberattacks

We live in an era where our smartphones can count our steps, monitor our heartbeats, and even schedule doctor appointments. Healthcare apps promise convenience and a better lifestyle, but at what hidden cost? Beyond their sleek interfaces lies a significant

For the past years, the security of different information systems has relied on the function of the password. The more the password filled the requirements to be stronger and adapt to safety standards, the better the quality of the security

Kovrr: One of the main goals that companies and organizations are trying to reach daily is that their services and products, besides meeting the requirements of the user, are also trying to ensure user safety. With the rise of cyber

Cyber defense: It is a statement that cybercrime has increased a lot in numbers in these past years, and the state that it has reached is quite frightening. Nowadays, many companies are increasing their safety measures regarding cyber security, where they