By James Pearson LONDON (Reuters) - Lockbit, a notorious cybercrime gang that holds its victims' data to ransom, has been disrupted in a rare international law enforcement operation, the gang and U.S. and UK authorities said on Monday. The operation was run

By Zeba Siddiqui and James Pearson SAN FRANCISCO/LONDON (Reuters) - A cybercriminal group named Lockbit, which on Friday said it breached the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), has hacked some of the world’s largest organisations in recent months, stealing

Secondhand marketplace: In South Korea, obtaining a used item through online platforms has been popular for the past few years but gained even bigger momentum since the pandemic. According to Job Korea's survey in 2021, more than 75 per cent of consumers

A delegate uses his laptop during a break in sessions at a venue in Sydney, Australia, March 17, 2016. REUTERS/David Gray/File Photo By Byron Kaye SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian government-backed service for victims of identity theft blasted a plan to toughen

NFTs Cybercrime: "Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are revolutionizing the art world". We have heard this many times and noticeably more often since the industry's substantial growth in 2021. Without a doubt, NFTs have unlocked new opportunities for revenue generation for artists

The FIN7 cybercrime group created a fake company and hired legitimate programmers as part of its expansion into ransomware. The recruits were unwittingly employed in real life cyberattacks under the guise of red team simulations. The cybergang fashioned a website for

Growing business complexity makes the task of cybersecurity staff difficult to begin with. But challenges are often exacerbated by the organisational sophistication of the criminal underworld. There are now entire shadow companies, complete with payrolls and call centres, that have emerged

The exodus to remote work that occurred more than a year ago, created enormous challenges for the world’s cybersecurity professionals. The number of cyberattacks increased, industry trends shifted, and the digital landscape transformed itself. People responsible for securing our companies