June – Note from the Editor in Chief

Identity theft is definitely one of the major concerns a person has. Especially, in our days this can happen ‘easily’ as our personal details are online. Downloading a new app or even access our bank account from our smartphone or laptop, needs personal details to do so.

Do you think that all of us are completely aware of the risks? I believe we are not! We definitely need more articles or instructions on how to protect ourselves. For instance, the last couple of months, I keep hearing from my friends, who are having lots of followers on social media, as they using it for professional reasons; that they were hacked and couldn’t get their accounts back if they didn’t pay a ransom.

Ransomware is very common, but can the authorities do something about it? In most cases they can’t. On the other hand, social media, customer service, also most of the times are not able to solve such situations. The result is that the ‘hostage’ has to pay a fee or can lose their account with all the photos and business details.

To conclude, I believe that awareness needs to be raised for such situations and people become more careful of such threats; and learn how to protect themselves.

As I always say, stay tuned for more informative and exciting articles!

Andriani has been working in Publishing Industry since 2010. She has worked in major Publishing Houses in UK and Greece, such as Cambridge University Press and ProQuest. She gained experience in different departments in Publishing, including editing, sales, marketing, research and book launch (event planning). She started as Social Media Manager in 4i magazine, but very quickly became the Editor in Chief. At the moment, she lives in Greece, where she is mentoring women with job and education matters; and she is the mother of 3 boys.