Interview with Fabiola Duro Founder of Innvest: Part 1

Have you ever wondered how to illuminate the tech world and instigate lasting change? I had the privilege of engaging with Fabiola Duro, the visionary force behind INNVEST and IMAA, who is doing precisely that. Her personal odyssey is a testament to the art of transforming ideas from mere concepts to tangible realities, leaving an indelible mark on startups and revolutionizing education.

INNVEST isn’t your average investment firm. It’s a beacon for angel investors focused on nurturing startups with capital and a commitment to social impact. It’s all about investing with a purpose, supporting ventures that promise sustainable growth and tangible societal benefits. This platform is a game-changer in aligning financial success with positive societal change, especially in regions hungry for innovation like Albania and beyond.

Fabiola Duro
Fabiola Duro

Tech and business ecosystems

Conversely, IMAA (Innovation Management Academy Albania) is a powerhouse of learning designed to fuel the fires of creativity and management skills among entrepreneurs and professionals. It’s not just for the corporate bigwigs; IMMA reaches out to the youth, the future changemakers, ensuring they’re armed with the knowledge and skills to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. IMMA is building a foundation for enduring innovation by focusing on education and practical learning. Together, INNVEST and IMAA form a dynamic duo, championing the cause of impactful investment and education in the tech and business ecosystems. Fabiola’s vision through these initiatives is clear: to drive change, empower innovation, and create a sustainable future for all.

Not every day you meet someone who’s genuinely changing the game. From spearheading impactful investments to empowering the next generation of innovators, Fabiola’s story is a beacon for anyone looking to make a mark in technology or simply seeking inspiration. Get ready to dive into our chat and discover the secrets behind making a real difference in today’s fast-paced tech landscape.

Kristi Shehu is a Cyber Security Engineer (Application Security) and Cyber Journalist based in Albania. She lives and breathes technology, specializing in crafting content on cyber news and the latest security trends, all through the eyes of a cyber professional. Kristi is passionate about sharing her thoughts and opinions on the exciting world of cyber security, from breakthrough emerging technologies to dynamic startups across the globe.