Featuring incredible women in STEM who dream big

As International Women’s Day is approaching, we at 4i-mag would like to highlight some of the incredible women in STEM. We count ourselves lucky to have such role models roam the earth amongst us. Inspiring young girls to dream big and proving their abilities in STEM are limitless.

Ingrid Dynna

Ingrid Dynna is the co-founder and CEO of Norwegian Mycelium (NoMy), a bioscience company innovating the next generation of circular and scalable products. Passionate about how science and technology can help solve big challenges, she’s working on creating solutions towards a low-carbon society that is systemic and regenerative, with her team at NoMy. Before joining NoMy, Ingrid spent fifteen years in various international roles at Google and YouTube.

Sarah Ouellette

Sarah Ouellette is the CEO and founder of Kindora, a platform for ‘better-than-new’ premium children’s goods. Launching the business in Ireland in 2020, she is on a mission to revolutionise the resale of luxury children’s products by creating a trusted platform for buying and selling authentic high-quality items, such as strollers and nursery furniture and toys. Ouellette’s career has previously taken her across the globe with experience in travel, hospitality, entertainment, technology and luxury sectors – heading up the Commercial and Business Development teams at the likes of Lonely Planet, CNN and LUXE City Guides.

Raquel Molina

Raquel Molina was the first female Drone instructor in Brazil. Now CEO of Futuriste, one of the largest drone companies in Brazil. She’s a pioneer for women in the drone industry and was the first woman to win “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the drone sector.

Before Futuriste, Molina worked for 10 years as a programmer and system analyst. She’s flying the flag for female founders from Brazil by being the first Latin American elected Women to Watch Global Awards, and nominated as a top five Women in Tech in her country.

Bozena Rezab

Bozena Rezab is CEO and co-founder of gaming platform Gamee. Previously in Google working on the role out of social media channels Rezab founded Gamee seven years ago. Last year Gamee was acquired by Animoca Brands which is a leader in blockchain gaming. It released it’s first NFT game characters G-Bots in November last year and we wrote about the play to earn gamming model here.

Rózsa Simon and Vrinda Kabra

Rózsa Simon and Vrinda Kabra are co-founders of precycle. Their eco start-up focuses on building a global plastic waste management infrastructure through a ‘plastic credit system’. Starting as a pandemic project they began researching the global plastic problem and found that money doesn’t go where the trash lands. ‘Our mission to fix the global plastic system that brought six strangers from three different continents together to start the Precycle’s journey – global issues need global solutions through global representation!’

Karin Repp and Katrin Liivat

Katrin Liivat is the CEO and co-founder of FoodDocs, an AI-powered food safety system with an integrated HACCP plan builder. Liivat has spent the last 20 years of her life in the food industry. Along with COO Karin Repp she founded FoodDocs five years ago. They claim that FoodDocs makes the compliance process for food businesses 500X faster, saving time and money. The company has amassed over 15,000 customers including Huboo, Smart Lunches, The Oxford Food Co., and Bolt Market. In 2020, FoodDocs was chosen one of TOP5 most promising Estonian startups

Isabel Arens

Isabel Arens founded World for Climate in October 2021. She is on a mission to connect the world for collaborative climate action. Her business background spans from start-up to corporate, from Berlin to Shanghai. As her interest grew in climate change, she started to interview European youth to find a solution. Now with a diverse international team, World For Climate have just rolled out a new app creating a global community for climate action through partnerships, impact investment and spreading the word on the climate crisis.

Brooke Mosley

Brooke Mosley is Chief System Engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory. What better way than to celebrate women in STEM than with an actual rocket scientist – well, an engineer to be precise. Mosley has extensively worked in the rocket launching industry spending fifteen years with United Launch Alliance (ULA) as an engineer before moving to New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. With a profile that reads, ‘I love very large beasts. I seek out the most powerful things on earth so I can understand them, be around them, and encourage their use for good’, Mosley is an inspiration for all you girls who want to send rockets into space.

Dora Palfi, Paula Doza and Beatrice Ionascu

Dora Palfi, Paula Doza and Beatrice Ionascu are the founders of Swedish start-up imagilabs. On a mission to encourage and inspire young girls into tech we couldn’t let this list go without mentioning them. Innovating fun and educational ways to tech girls coding through their wearable chams we wrote all about these inspiring female founders here.

Fiona Alston is a freelance journalist based in Ireland covering tech, innovation, start-ups and interesting SMEs. Alston is also passionate about athletics, health and horses having competed in triathlons, equestrian events and horse racing, and her lived experience comes through when covering sports personalities or fitness features. Growing up on the family farm in Scotland, Alston graduated from the University of Sunderland with a BA (Hon.) in Broadcast Journalism, and is frequently published in The Irish Times, The Business Post, RTÉ and 4i Mag.