Contrast Security – The visionaries ensuring software safety at any stage

Contrast: The world is facing a significant change regarding advancing technology in different areas. We have in hand a lot of applications that we use on a daily bases where our lives depend on it. But one thing that has come along with this change is that we now face more threats and attacks. Victims of cyber attacks are being reported everywhere in the world, where the user, small businesses, and large companies are facing the consequences of these attacks.

Every person included in the Software development lifecycle is aware of how important it is to ensure any software developed has checks and a system in place that helps strengthen the software and eliminate any security issues like vulnerabilities. Insecure applications can leave data and IT systems vulnerable to exploitation. Therefore, it is a mandatory requirement for the businesses that offer a software/application as a service or product to ensure security throughout the whole process of SDLC (software development life cycle).

Integrating security testing in an SDLC is a process that starts from an application’s core, which is secure coding (from the early stages) till the end of the delivery lifecycle when the product is up and running. Security engineers worldwide have integrated different tools and automation into SDLC, intending to minimize risk at all costs.

Contrast Security

But fortunately for us, a visionary company thought ahead for a simple solution that lightens the workload of a security engineer. Contrast Security is classified as a leader in the application security for modern software. Dev Sec Ops team uses the Contrast Security solutions to ensure safety and compliance throughout the whole life cycle of their software. With a large number of solutions and platforms that they offer, they have managed to ensure cyber safety from secure coding from the very start of the process to assessments and vulnerability scanning, security protection of the software, to serverless protection. One interesting fact about these solutions is that false positives coming from vulnerability scanning are very low, making these solutions very accurate in their assessments and solutions given.

A few days ago, 4imag had the chance to interview Steve Wilson, Chief Product Officer at Contrast Security, who shared with us a few thoughts and information about Contrast Security and the cyber security future.

“Our mission as a company at Contrast Security is to help our customers get more secure, which means more secure code, and moving faster through their development lifecycle.”-stated Steve for 4imag.

We invite you to see the full interview with Steve Wilson of Contrast Security in this video below.

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